Chrome Industries is quickly becoming one of my favorite bag makers and it’s not hard to see why. Their bags are not only rugged and functional, but also quite stylish and unique. Their latest bags are no different featuring a remix of classic bags from their lineup. These are the third issue of Chromes City Series and is inspired by Berlin. To make them stand out from the regular bags in their lineup, the Berlin City Series is made with water resistant “felted” polyester that feels like a wool German Army blanket and embossed suede reminiscent of traditional German workwear (aka, lederhosen). The inside has our very own Bavarian inspired needlework print. The hardware is finished with an antique brass finish.

Check out both the Yalta Berlin Rolltop Backpack and the Citizen Berlin Messenger bag below. Both retail for $140 and $160 respectively.

Chrome Yalta Berlin Rolltop Backpack

yalta_berlin_heroFor the third issue of our City Series, we’ve taken inspiration from our favorite German city: Berlin. The Berlin Yalta combines a mash up of three of our favorite German things — lederhosen, Bavarian needlepoint, and beer.

The exterior is constructed of a water-resistant “felted” polyester shell and feels like a wool German Army blanket. The zippered external front pocket is an embossed suede material like traditional lederhosen. The floating bucket liner is constructed of 1000 denier truck tarpaulin and has a Bavarian inspired needlepoint pattern created by British illustrator and pattern designer Matt Manson. The Berlin Yalta is finished off with antique brass finished hardware. Prost!

Chrome Citizen Berlin Messenger Bag

citizen_berlin_heroOur third issue of the City Series pulls inspiration from our favorite German city, Berlin. We’ve taken a mash up of Lederhosen, Bavarian Needlepoint, and beer to develop the Berlin Citizen. Yes, we know, Berlin is not in Bavaria. And, we just really like Lederhosen.

The Berlin Citizen’s exterior shell is a water-resistant “felted” polyester that feels like a wool German Army blanket. The embossed D-panel is reminiscent of traditional German work wear. The floating bucket liner is made with 1000 denier truck tarpaulin, complete with a Bavarian inspired needlepoint design by British illustrator and pattern master Matt Manson. Finished off with an antique brass finished seatbelt buckle. Prost!

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