As many of you might know, the new Apple iPhone 5S comes out this Friday and many of you are probably wondering what kind of cases you can get for it. Luckily for you, many older iPhone 5 cases will fit on the new iPhone 5S which means that the iPhone 5S will have an abundance of different cases to choose from right from the get go. Even Apple themselves will be releasing a new leather case for the iPhone 5S but that doesn’t mean that’s the one you should be buying. Yes it will most likely be nicely made, but I can think of a few other leather cases out there that look just as good, if not better. One such case is the JisonCase Elegant Slim Case for the iPhone 5/5S. It’s an elegant looking leather case with an aluminum strip that wraps around the edges and diamond decorated volume and sleep/wake button.

Design and Build

The JisonCase Elegant Slim Case is a hardcase that you snap on. The case is completely wrapped in soft, textured natural cow leather and gives the case a very nice, luxurious look. The outside of the case is then finished off with an aluminum metal band that wraps around the edge of the case. This gives it the look of an iPhone 5/5S but with much added protection. On the back, while many cases might leave a cutout for the Apple logo, the JisonCase instead keeps this covered and adds their own logo in this area.

photo_01The inside of the case is lined with a premium material that feels like very thick microfiber or something similar. It is laser engraved with the JisonCase logo and looks very nice. It’s there to cushion your iPhone and keep it scratch free. The entire case is either covered in leather or the inner liner material which means a pampered iPhone. There are cutouts for the mute switch and rear camera while the bottom edge is open for the speakers, mic, lightning port, and audio jack. I did find that the mute rocker is a little hard to get at however as the opening here is a little small and deep I had to use my pinky to really get in there to flip the switch.

One of the defining features about the JisonCase however isn’t the leather or the aluminum band or how luxurious it looks. It’s that the case features jeweled buttons for the volume buttons and the sleep/wake button. These buttons not only look great and impress, they also serve to make pressing these buttons much easier.

Of course looks are only part of the equation and the JisonCase Elegant Slim Case not only looks good, but will also protect your device. It offers very good corner protection as well as rear and side protection as well as lay flat protection for the screen. The only minus is that the bottom edge is open and not protected like the rest of the edges are. Other than that, it’s a good protective case that feature both form and function.

Final Thoughts

I really like the JisonCase Elegant Slim Case for the iPhone 5/5S. It looks great, fits great, and is of very good quality. I like how it protects your iPhone, but doesn’t look cheap doing it and adds a bit of class to an already classy looking device. I do like the jeweled buttons, though it’s not something I myself could really get away with showing off daily, but my wife loves the case and has no trouble showing it off to friends.

The JisonCase Elegant Slim Fit Case for the iPhone 5/5S can be purchased directly from JisonCase’s website here in two different colors, red and black.

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