SuperTooth Disco 2-colorsMusic can be as much of a necessity as air. Over the years it has become simpler to take your entire audio library with you or even choose a song you want to hear while relaxing at home without having to shuffle through a million CD’s. The ability to stream music from any of my Bluetooth enabled devices has been a godsend especially if you’re an avid textmaster like myself you want to be able to stream music from your phone without having to always dock it or plug it in-putting a severe pause in your multitasking. It might seem that all Bluetooth speakers are exactly the same but not all are cut from the same cloth. When the people over at SuperTooth were gracious enough to send over their Disco 2 for us to try I was anxious to see how it compared to more commonly known brands.

Design and Build

SuperTooth Disco 2 controls
The first thing I noticed about the SuperTooth Disco 2 was its design. It’s more fashion forward then I expected. It has a tower-like shape; nicely curved proportions with very clean lines making it look amazing alongside any décor in any room. It’s not too over or underdressed and blends in well. The rounded rectangular top and bottom also make it very comfortable to pick up and transport around the house or toss in the carrying case and take along with you to the beach.

The SuperTooth Disco 2 has two speakers on the front and a high-efficiency bass reflex system situated at the back of the unit kicking out 16 watts RMS audio power. The placement of the external controls makes it easier for guests to use without having to disrupt your décor and worry about any mishaps during operation. The buttons also illuminate but don’t remain lit so you won’t have to worry about battery drainage.

Usability and Sound

The SuperTooth Disco 2 is simple to set up and for the several months I’ve used it I haven’t had to re-pair any of the devices I have connected to it. Since it uses Bluetooth A2DP connectivity I’m able to use it with every bluetooth enabled device I own such as Tablets, Smartphones and an MP3 player with both iOS and Android profiles. It has become such a part of my everyday that I forgot I was actually reviewing it. When friends come over or I want to hear some older music that I stored on older MP3 players that aren’t bluetooth enabled it comes with a 3.5mm audio cable and jack. I did notice moreso than any other bluetooth device I’ve used when I walk into my bedroom with my device set to bluetooth it connects instantly. Which isn’t always a good thing if I’m on a phone call.


Sound-wise, I wouldn’t say the SuperTooth Disco 2 is the best I’ve tried, but for $99 and not a well-known brand it’s very impressive. The bass isn’t overbearing and it isn’t treble intensive. I actually found the distribution of sound to be pretty level. I tried several different genres of music and found these to stand out best when playing House music. At max volume sound isn’t compromised or muddled at all but you also won’t be getting any noise citations.

Final Thoughts

The review unit I was sent is all black and I found depending on where I placed the speaker it was a dust magnet and because of its size it’s not the bluetooth speaker I grab to throw in my purse or when traveling, However – when entertaining or relaxing on my balcony this is definitely my go to. The SuperTooth Disco 2 is available in 6 colors (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White) making it perfect if you like to add a dash of color to any room you put it in.

It could be me but I found myself charging the speaker a lot, it could be because since I’ve had it I find I use headphones less and rely on enjoying music with the SuperTooth Disco 2 when home or by the pool a lot more. This is a worthwhile purchase but as with anything else depends on your particular taste. I will be moving soon and am thinking of purchasing a couple more to have around the house in different rooms as part of my design since I already know it sonically gets the job done and definitely keeps the party jumping. I was also able to find it on Amazon for $79.99 – Score !!

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