This is a new one for us here at G Style. This was our very first Volkswagen review here and we wanted to show it some love. I had a week to take it for a spin and was able to really dig in and see what I thought. Is the CC G Style worthy? Does CC stand for Cool Car? Let’s find out!


The Volkswagen CC is a nice look car. I’ll be honest here, it isn’t really my cup of tea, but many do like it. As I drove away there were quite a few compliments for it and my cousin especially liked it. I however just wasn’t a fan. It is a clean look car, and I did especially liked the wheels on this one, but in general the styling on the CC didn’t appeal to me. But this is not to say it is an ugly car. Quite the contrary, the CC looks clean, sophisticated, and with the chrome accent almost regal. From the front I did like the design of the front headlights and actually the tail lights as well.

I was probably more impressed with the interior than the exterior. Inside the all black leather look as quite inviting and comfortable. The chrome accents continue on the inside as well with it placement on the steering wheel and center console. All in all the CC is a very nice looking vehicle. While not the one for me, I would have no problem pointing this one out as a looker to others.


20130902_094939_447_1 The Volkswagen CC had all the modern conveniences I would expect to be present in any car now a days. So first off yes I was able to connect my phone for phone and streaming music use. Always got to have this or you lose major points if I need to use an Aux In cable. But the CC was on point there. Dual climate control, power one touch up and down windows (you should never have to hold the button either way). Navigation and Sirius satellite radio are all present and accounted for. I wasn’t too happy with the UI of the CC. Visually it isn’t nothing to brag about, but it got the job done. Had this been about just getting the job done, the CC passes with flying colors. But since this is G Style, we’re very visual here. I want to be visually delighted and entice when I use something. So the UI left me wanting some.

Again the CC performance well in this area, but just lacks the visual flair to really rope me in. I see the CC as more functional than fashionable. If you need pure function in a nice looking car, this is a good way to go.


The Volkswagen CC was a pleasure to drive. The seating was comfortable, the ride smooth, and the acceleration was good. From the time I stepped in it was easy to buckle up, connect my phone, and start streaming my music as I pulled off. When it came to fuel consumption, if you are a daily to work and back type, you’ll get through a full week of driving on about $35-$40 spent on gas. This would include running a few errands as well. Fuel range is definitely a good thing on this car.

Wrap Up

The Volkswagen starts at about $31,000+ so it is no slouch in the price department. If you are looking for a nice look sedan for you and the family, and want something more functional than flare based, you’ll do fine with the CC. The CC to me is one of those respectable cars, you bring home to Momma! It’s got good credit, a good paying job, and know it will do right by you. On paper the CC has got its stuff together. Just don’t be surprised by a wandering eye lol

[Images Shot via Google Glass]