Every time I think I’ve seen all the cases I could have possibly see for the iPad Mini, a new one pops up and from a company I’ve never heard of before. For the most part, a lot of these cases that pop up all look about the same but sometimes, just sometimes there are new ones that grab your attention. One new case designer I just recently became aware of is that of JisonCase. JisonCase makes premium leather cases for smartphones and tablets. For this review, JisonCase sent me their Classic Smart Case for the iPad Mini.


photo6The JisonCase Classic Smart Case provides complete protection for your iPad Mini. It is really a hard case with a smart cover permanently attached to it. I’ve seen a few cases of this type before, but not one of this quality or build. Unlike others, the hard shell back here is completely wrapped in leatherette. It is not a thin sheet either and has a good thickness to it that you can feel. This gives the case a soft, slightly cushion-like feel to it. It has the look and feel of real leather and is textured like it as well. What’s interesting here is that the material is not stitched into the case itself. Instead, it seems to use bookbinding techniques in which it is wrapped around the case tightly using some kind of adhesive and even wraps around the edges of the case. The interior of the case is then finished off in the same fashion with a soft, inner lining that protects you iPad Mini from scratches.


photo7The case itself is a simple, snap on type design in which you just snap the iPad Mini into it. It provides good protection all around and protects both edges and corners. It has cutouts for top mic, audio jack, mute switch on the right, the bottom speakers and Lightning Port, and the rear camera. Notice I left out the volume buttons and sleep/wake button because these are actually covered up the leatherette material. The holes are still there but are covered up for extra protection. You basically have to feel for these to use them but it does not hinder their usage at all.

Moving on to the smart cover, like I said before, it is permanently attached to the case. It is designed just like the official Apple Smart Cover and is hinged so that it can be folded into a stand. Like the real Smart Cover too, there are magnets embedded in it that allow for the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake function. Like the rear shell, it too is wrapped in leatherette and in the same bookbinding technique. The interior too is lined with the same soft material for scratch prevention. On the front of the cover, JisonCase has included a tiny metal plaque of their logo which adds a bit of elegance to it.


  • High quality premium leatherette. Handcrafted with no stitching.
  • Full edge mount on Top and Bottom edges.
  • Curved fit on all edges and corners for full protection.
  • Internal lining protects from scratches.
  • Integrated 2 position stand function to view/type in different angles.
  • Magnetic smart cover design allows wake up and sleep instantly.
  • Covered power and volume buttons for better protection.
  • Clear access to headphone jack, USB port, camera lens and mute button.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’d have to say that the JisonCase Classic Smart Case for the iPad Mini is one of the best cases of this type that I’ve seen. I really like how the entire case is covered in leatherette, and high quality leatherette too. It has a very soft feel to it and really feels good in your hands. It’s a very elegant looking case and would be great for any business user or those looking for much higher end looking case that doesn’t make your iPad Mini look like a cheap plastic toy.

The JisonCase Classic Smart Case for the iPad Mini can be purchased directly from JisonCase’s site here. The case is available in 10 different colors for $54.99 which is a good price for a case of this type, material, and quality. As a bonus, we have a $10 off coupon that you can apply to your order. Just use the code BYOUTUBE2013 at checkout. It’s good for 2013.

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