The wallet is one of the few items that hasn’t really changed much over the years, but lately I’ve begun to see many trying to improve upon its design by trying to make it smaller, lighter, and ultimately more easier to carry. One such company aiming to redefine what a wallet should be and can hold is Left Field Design. They are launching a new Kickstarter campaign that will see three of their items come to life, the KeyCase, CardClip, and combined KeyClip.

The KeyCase is only for keys while the CardClip is only for cash and cards. The KeyClip on the other hand is a combination of both that will be able to hold keys, cards, and cash. All three will be available in five different options as well as an RFID blocking shield. Those interested should visit the Kickstarter page here and backers can pledge from $20-$68, with pledge rewards for the CardClip starting at $20, the KeyCase starting at $32, and the KeyClip starting at $44. Estimated delivery for the first round of units is December 2013.


Press Release

Menlo Park, Calif. – September 4, 2013 – Left Field Design, LLC, a product development company with 20 years experience in the technology space, is redefining the conventional, slim wallet and keychain with the launch of three products – the KeyCase, CardClip, and combined KeyClip – all designed to store keys, cards, cash, and a USB drive in lightweight metal housings the size of a credit card. All three launched on Kickstarter today with a pledge goal of $9,500.

“Slim wallets, money clips and key organizers have been around forever, but each is a compromise for carrying what you need.  My goal is to create uncompromised personal accessories with timeless design,” said Rich Singer, founder of Left Field Design.  “Hundreds of hours were spent working through the details of the design and manufacturing.”

The new collection includes three models:

  • KeyCase: a key organizer approximately the size of a credit card (0.2 inches thick) that slips easily into a wallet.
  • CardClip: a super-resilient money-clip, slightly longer than a credit card, designed to securely hold cards, ID and cash. Specifically engineered to resist fatigue and last a lifetime, the low-profile CardClip (only 0.34 inches tall) can hold up to five credit cards and reliably spring back to grip a single bill.
  • KeyClip: combines the KeyCase and CardClip to serve as a compact, integrated key organizer and slim wallet that unobtrusively carries the essentials.

Five options are available including: two cover plates (black and silver), two backing plates (one-to-three keys or one-to-six keys, the latter of which is required to use with a USB drive) and an optional RFID (radio frequency identification) card blocking shield.  The carbon-fiber composite shield includes a layer of pure copper which blocks radio frequencies thereby preventing against wireless identify theft.

To learn about the series, visit the Kickstarter page on www.kickstarter.com. Backers can pledge from $20-$68, with pledge rewards for the CardClip starting at $20, the KeyCase starting at $32, and the KeyClip starting at $44. Estimated delivery for the first round of units is December 2013.

About Left Field Design

Left Field Design, LLC develops and manufactures proprietary products.  Their most recent product, the No-Drip Chain Luber, is an inexpensive tool that instantly lubricates bike chains, without dripping or over-spray, and is licensed to Finish Line Technologies.

Left Field Productions, LLC is LFD’s sister company.  Left Field Productions provides complete product development services to both public and private companies, from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Rich Singer, founder of Left Field Design, launched LFP in 1997. Prior to Left Field, Rich held senior engineering positions with Silicon Graphics and Nortel Networks.   For more information about Left Field Design and Left Field Productions, visit www.leftfielddesign.net.

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