The tech world can hardly contain themselves with word the next iPhone (reportedly the iPhone 5S) will be available in Gold. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen but in the meantime there’s a way you can rock a gold iPhone 5.

Style and Design

Case-Mate’s Madison collection isn’t just a case that happens to look gold – it’s a fashion statement. The classic quilted design is genuine leather with an ultra soft microfiber liner for added protection. As if that wasn’t enough they applied Genuine Swarovski Crystals by hand between each quilted leather fold.

In hand it feels as soft and plush as it looks. The profile is slim and not bulky at all but it doesn’t feel like the phone can leap out of my hand at any moment it feels nice and snug yet protected. The few times I’ve carried it out with me I got a lot of looks and questions like, “Is that the new gold iPhone?”

Final Thoughts

You can wait like everyone else for the new gold iPhone OR you can get the Madison case now and be ahead of the gold rush. OR you can still get the Madison case while you wait for the new gold iPhone. Don’t have an iPhone 5? The Madison case is also available for the iPhone 4/4S and you can pick it up on the Case-Mate site for $100 which is nothing in comparison to the price of the new iPhone which you would need to cover with a case anyway, right? If gold isn’t your speed the case is also available in Black as well as Bronze.

Check out the video below for a full 360 view of the Madison:

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