You know one can’t really appreciate the awesomeness of a Hybrid until you take a road trip, and not just one state over, but some 1100+ miles away. Since I’m mainly an urban dweller, while I can see some of the benefits of a Hybrid car, stop and go traffic is brutal on your MPG rating. However last week I took a family vacation to Orlando, FL and instead of taking a flight I decided to take the drive all the way there. Lincoln loaned me their 2013 MKZ Hybrid, and I packed up the family and hit the road.

MKZRoadTrip2The MKZ just on style and looks along is already one sexy looking vehicle. If you want to take a road trip, you’d be wise to do so in style, and the MKZ has that and then so. With its signature split grill wings in the front, which has a more modern take on it from Lincoln of the past. The MKZ is pure attractiveness! From the exterior to the interior, the MKZ is full of style and class, a touch of elegance.

Now the ride to Florida was definitely a long one. It took about 17 hours with some bathroom and gas stops. But when it came to the gas expense, the range on the MKZ Hybrid was great. During my trip I drove the MKZ some 2525.8 miles, with 312.3 miles in EV mode alone. During the trip the average MPG was 35.5MPG. From the beginning of my travel to Florida, while in Florida, and back to New York I roughly spent about $220 dollars in fuel cost. This definitely was worth it as if I flew it would have cost me about $900+ total for the flight, and then on top of that fuel for the rental car once I got to Florida.

MKZRoadTrip4 When I compare both the style and luxury of the MKZ and the fueling cost, would I drive again in a MKZ Hybrid for a long distance travel trip? Most definitely I would! I honestly didn’t want to give the MKZ back, I enjoyed it that much. So if you are looking for a car for a long distance road trip, and want to do it in style and class; I encourage you to check out the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Fuel efficient, comfortable, and stylish!

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