Vizio M55  LED Smart TV With Theater 3D Review - It is no secret that I’m a big fan of Vizio TVs. Since being introduced to the brand back in 2007/2008, I’ve pretty much been a fan of the products since then. From that time they have introduced new TV models, then Soundbars, all while producing great products at a great price. So I was more than thrilled to hear of their new M-Series models coming out. But does Vizio still have it or have they jumped the shark?


As time has progressed Vizio’s industrial design has gotten better and better. This holds true with the M-Series line. The model I have to review was the M551D. The M551d is a 55 inch Smart TV that looks amazing. The M551D is very slim and looks great with its thin bezel on the front and chrome/silver border edges. Even the stand for it pretty much looks good at the bottom of. If you are looking for a 55 inch TV that will add to the look of your interior, you won’t go wrong with an M-Series Smart TV.


The M-Series has quite a few very cool features to it that makes for a great viewing experience. It is a Smart TV that has built-in wireless, so if you connect to your home network, you don’t need any extra wireless to pump some internet to your TV. Then it has 3D, 1080P resolution, and it is a Razor LED display for deeper, richer, brighter colors. If that wasn’t enough it has some very cool apps like 3DGO!, YouTube, and Netflix among others. This thing is stuffed to capacity with good tech. You have to experience it for yourself, but trust me it is worth it!


Vizio M55  LED Smart TV With Theater 3D Review - Apps Using the Vizio M551d is a joy. When off, it looks slim and sexy, great for any living room setup. And when it is on the images look awesome. Crisp, clear, and deep images are on display. I’ve used this TV so far for both regular HD viewing and a few 3D movie titles as well, and the viewing experience has been wonderful.

Speaking of 3D content, being a Smart TV, the apps included with this Vizio TV are worthwhile. Known ones like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon are on-board as well new 3D content provider 3DGO!. I was happy with the 3D viewing especially which says a lot since I’m not the biggest fan of home theater 3D. But with that being said, the fact that the M551D comes with 8 pairs of glasses, satisfies one of my complaints, which was if you have guests over. Since my household just happens to have 3 pairs of Real3D glasses already, we have a total of 11 pairs if we have guests over.

All in all the new M-Series line continues to uphold the reputation of Vizio in my eyes. Not only can I count on them to deliver a reliable TV at a good cost, but also one that looks great in the process! The M551D can be bought for about $1,414.99 (, but can also be found at a few other retailers.

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