It’s a brand new week and I got a couple new Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to show you. These two cases come courtesy of X-Doria and are probably the more stylish ones I’ve looked at. These aren’t the first X-Doria cases I’ve looked at as I’ve looked at some in the past for previous versions of the iPhone and iPad. I’ve always been pretty happy with their cases and the quality of their designs. Below are their newest cases, the Dash Icon and Dash Pro. Both serve different needs yet are both very stylish in their own ways.

X-Doria Dash Icon

415064_DashIcon_GalaxyS4_X-Doria_TribalRed_2_1024x1024The Dash Icon is a hard, polycarbonate shell case that snaps onto your Samsung Galaxy S4. The shell itself has good thickness to it and feel very rigid and tough. Like with most X-Doria cases, the attention to detail is superb and even though you don’t see the inside of the case when it’s on your device, X-Doria still sees fit to decorate the inside of the case with a nice little cross pattern. On the back, the Dash Icon features textured fabric with puff prints that are slightly raised for grip. Each design is colorful and unique and will get you noticed in a crowd.

When the Dash Icon is on your Galaxy S4, it provides fairly decent protection. It offers good rear protection and side protection, however like with most snap on cases, top and bottom protection is minimal. All cutouts are available for the sleep/wake button and volume toggle as well as the camera in the back and the speaker. The Dash Icon adds very little weight or bulk to your Galaxy S4 and it’s a very good case if you want to keep your device thin and light.

X-Doria Dash Pro

415132_DashPro_GalaxyS4_X-Doria_Black_5_1024x1024The next case up from X-Doria for the Galaxy S4 is the Dash Pro. Though it share a similar name to the previous case, the Dash Pro is a completely different kind of case. The Dash Pro is a leather-like case with a cover built in for screen protection. This basically looks like a tiny folio style case but for your mobile phone and not a tablet. On the outside, it features textured leather-like grain while the inside of the case is lined in soft microfiber to cradle and pamper your Galaxy S4.

Like with cases of this type, the Galaxy S4 slips in through the inside left side and is held secure by a flap that gets tucked in behind the phone. The flap stays pretty secure and does not come undone. The front cover has a magnet built into it that helps keep the cover securely shut when not in use. however, the magnet does not seem to activate and sleep/wake features on the Galaxy S4 like the Samsung branded S-View cover does. On the inside, you’ll notice that it is grooved. This is because the Dash Pro also acts as a stand to prop your Galaxy S4 in landscape orientation to view videos.

There are just only a couple things negative about the case. For starters, it doesn’t offer any corner protection at all as these parts of the case are wide open. Second, with the cover shut, you can not access the volume rocker which can be a problem for those who might be listening to music on a headset and want to adjust the volume in their pockets but can’t unless they pull the phone out and open up the cover.

Other than those 2 issues, the Dash Pro is a very handsome and professional looking case and I really like the option of being able to use it as a stand.

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