I’m sure this will apply to many of you, but there are still people out there that do not own a smart TV. I myself being one of them. I’ve never owned a smart TV, ever but I can see how useful something like that could be. I just don’t want to invest in buying a whole new television set just to get those features though. Well now there is an easy solution for those who own HDTVs that not only provides smart TV-like functionality, but also provides room-filling surround sound. The new Septre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer connects to your HDTV via USB and will supercharge your set with the power of Android.

The kit includes the main unit along with a clever remote that has a full QWERT keyboard on the back. The Septre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 will work with HDTVs 42-inches and above and will enhances your HDTV experience by adding such apps as Skype, Facebook, Instant Messenger and more. The SB301524W Soundbar is available now at Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Sears, K-Mart and NewEgg for $299.99.


Press Release

City of Industry, CA – June 27, 2013 – Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays, unveils the SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer, Android platform and Wi-Fi connection to turn your ordinary HDTV into a smart TV through plug and play technology, enabling users to access movies, music, apps and games.

Sceptre’s newest Sound Bar 2.1 includes Android’s interactive media operating system to create the perfect entertainment atmosphere with the support of Wi-Fi and Android Platform. With the Android OS, users can access the Google Play™ Store to download thousands of songs, games, movies and apps to enhance their TV experience.

The SB301524W Sound Bar 2.1 incorporates a variety of technologies and components to produce room filling surround sound, including a 35W subwoofer with passive radiator, SRS WOW HD™ audio technology and dual front facing speakers.  SRS WOW HD, developed by DTS technologies, improves the audio by widening the sound field, raising the vertical sound image and retrieving lost audio information during the mixing process to create a more natural surround sound experience.

Elegantly designed to complement HDTVs 42-inches and above, the SB301524W sound bar features a trendy touch sensor control panel to easily adjust volume, preset modes or sound sources, an auto-dimming LED screen that displays current settings and a remote control compatible with multiple Sceptre HDTVs.  It is also the ideal replacement for expensive and bulky surround sound systems, eliminating unsightly wires, expensive adaptors and the need to have a separate subwoofer.

“The Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer and Android Platform turns your traditional HDTV into a Smart TV at a fraction of the cost,” said Cathy Chou, Sceptre’s vice president of operations.  “Our newest addition to the family of sound bars not only enhances your HDTV experience, but also brings people closer by giving you access to the same applications as a computer, including Skype, Facebook, Instant Messenger and more.”

To enhance the overall experience, Sceptre offers an optional smart remote control that replicates the functionality of a traditional mouse and keyboard.  The SB301524W sound bar can be easily wall-mounted using only two screws and is currently available for $299.99 at Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Sears, K-Mart and NewEgg.

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