Jay-Z Brooklyn MCHG

Since the Samsung exclusive Magna Carta Holy Grail app was released on early Monday morning we’ve been getting new content and insight about the upcoming album daily from Jay-Z. Everything from track lyrics, to behind the scenes of the tracks hitting the album.

In his latest video, Jay-Z talks about him and Beyonce raising their daughter Blue Ivy and how he grew up without a father in his life to record producer Rick Rubin. Jay-Z even seems a little choked up discussing the “paranoia of being a great dad” seeing its karma for his dad not being there to show him how to be a man nor raise a child.

Catch the actual video and lyrics for “Jay-Z Blue” plus “Heaven” and “Oceans” below

“Jay-Z Blue”

“Oceans” featuring Frank Ocean

Jay-Z explains how the ocean is the focal point of everything. From us throwing champagne bottles in the water which is the same water that brought us here as slaves.

“Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace. Silken fleeces lay on my Jesus. Oh my God, I hope y’all don’t get seasick.”


Jay-Z talks about the concept of Heaven and Hell on Earth. Whether Heaven being your child’s laughter or Hell when they going missing for three minutes. And of course you know there will be the people reading the lyrics and screaming about the Illuminati as usual.

“Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake

Last time we saw these two collabo was on Justin’s “Suit & Tie” record off of the “20/20 Experience so know this is definitely going to be a banger. I mean we can read the lyrics already but how is going to sound?”