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Streaming seems to be the new way of doing things. First we had Spotify, then Samsung Music Hub, then Google All Access Music and now we’re on to the next one: Slacker.
Slacker is available on every platform from iOS, Android , Windows Phone, and BlackBerry and the web (which is very important to me) . So everyone can try it out! Slacker claims to be the most complete music service EVER!

So what makes Slacker Music Service So Complete?

  • They claim to have 10x more music than Pandora:Now that’s a lot of music! Slacker works with record labels. This gives them access to over 10 million songs.Slacker Music Service Listen up copy
  • Slacker offers more than music:
    Listeners can go from their music to getting sports coverage on ESPN, world events on CNN, and news coverage on ABC. Slacker has all corner covered.
  • Let Slacker do the work for you:
    Slacker offers over 200 preset stations for your listening mood. There has got to be at least one station for one of your many, many moods.
  • Your type of Slacker Radio:
    You can build your own playlists, ban songs for life and get very precise with your radio stations.
  • Some of Your Favorite Features From Pandora and Spotify
    If you type in an artist or a song, you can get more music like it (similar to Pandora).
    For those with a Slacker music service subscription, you can type in songs or artists on-demand and build playlists.


Slacker Radio Subscriptions Comparisons

  • Pricing: There are 3 subscription levels for Slacker Radio.
    The free version of Slacker Radio lets you stream based on artist and genre.The Slacker Radio PLUS subscription is $3.99/ month. It’s commercial free, allows you to skip songs and let’s you create stations for offline listening.The Slacker PREMIUM subscription is $9.99/ month. It offers everything the Plus subscription offers you plus unlimited on-demand access to Slacker’s library.

Slacker Music Service Prices Analie

Are you willing to try Slacker Radio? Check out the download links here:

Download Slacker for iPhone / iPod Touch HERE: Slacker for iOS

Download Slacker for Google Android HERE: Slacker for Android

Download Slacker for Windows Phone HERE: Slacker for Windows Phone 8

Download Slacker for BlackBerry HERE: Slacker for BlackBerry 10


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