If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, count yourself lucky that accessory makers have gone all out with making anything and everything for your device. I would count it as one of the more popular devices out there if you base it on ratio of accessories to devices. Don’t be surprised at the influx of Galaxy S4 case reviews that will be popping up here. With that said, today I bring to you the new Acase Supreme Pro dual layer case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

71r9fwlw3yL._SL1001_The Acase Supreme Pro is a double layer case that is built to be both protective and stylish. As the description states, the Superme Pro is made up of two layers. There is an inner layer made of silicone rubber and an outer protective layer made of polycarbonate plastic. Though the inner layer is silicone, it does not have that usual silicone feel that can feel slick and slimy. Instead, the silicone layer here has a more TPU like feel and a matte finish. It is less of a lint magnet than regular silicone is and it also fits much better as well and isn’t as flimsy.

Now, the inner layer acts as a shock absorbancy layer for the case. The major protection comes from the outer polycarbonate shell that goes on over the silicone layer. This hard shell covers pretty much the entire rear and sides of the Galaxy S4 with the exception of only a few areas that are still protected by the silicone layer. You’ll find that the case has all the necessary cutouts needed for the camera, USB port, audio jack, speakers, mic, and IR blaster. The power button and volume rocker is covered though but does make it easier to use when the case is on.

What’s really nice however about the outer shell is the awesome paint job Acase put on these. They literally look like automotive quality paint jobs meaning the finish on these look like something you’d find on a car. The Supreme Pro comes in either Red, White, Royal Blue, Dark Grey, and a Matte Black. Each of the colored cases sport a high gloss finish and beautiful metallic paint, aside from the white which is the whitest white you can possibly find. If you want a great looking Galaxy S4 case, you can’t go wrong with the Acase Supreme Pro.

The only negative maybe of this otherwise fantastic case is that it does make the Galaxy S4 thicker and larger than it already is. It still feels great in your hands though and honestly, the added protection outweighs the added bulk.

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