Whether you’re strolling or diddy boppin’, why not keep your mobile device charged in style with iWalk Extreme 7500? This sleek portable rechargeable device is not only lightweight and reminds you of a tasty Snicker’s bar, but it’s also extremely powerful.


You can throw the iWalk in a backpack or for the ladies a purse and keep it moving. It’s been certified by Apple to be reliable and safe, but never fear Android nation it is also compatible with most Android devices. Unfortunately, this particular portable charger is not strong enough to power up anything above a tablet such as a laptop.

The impressive 7500mAh lithium-ion battery comes with 5V/2.1A rapid output with superior quality and a stylish compact design from Korea. The Smart circuit protection design keeps your devices from overcharging. You can charge a mobile device along with your iWalk Extreme 7500 simultaneously.

If you happen to need to open your door and the porch light is out it also doubles a flashlight just by holding down the power button for about 1-2 seconds. The LED designed for power indication light gives you that Tron appeal when illuminated lol.

Final Thoughts

The iWalk Extreme 7500 is compatible with all digital devices that can be charged with a USB cable. iWalk for me definitely walks the walk and doesn’t lose its appeal like some other portable back up rechargeable devices. This is definitely one of those additional necessities that every mobile device consumer needs – which is almost 90% of the world. This goes on my must have list. So you can cop it for as low as $79.95 in either black or white on Amazon or $89.95 on the iWalk site.

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