GemShell-HTCOne So I’ve been a proud owner of the HTC One for a little time now. I picked it up the day it launched on AT&T, and have loved it since. The HTC One is a beautiful looking device which has let to my current problem. I generally like to protect my phones with a case around it, but this has led to a few issues. One, as phones have become slimmer and slimmer, cases have in turn added back that bulk to your device which kind of defeats the purpose of slim phone in my opinion. Sure you get protection, but in trade off you’re back to carrying a brick. And then there is the cover up affect, you have this hot looking phone that no ones sees because your case covers all of it except for the screen.

These issues vexed me with the HTC One. The One is very slim and I wanted to keep it that way, and it was so pretty I didn’t want to cover it up. So how could I protect it while still letting it’s beauty shine. Well the GemShell case from Speck definitely does the job there. I don’t lie when I first seen the case from in the packaging I thought it was going to be like putting my One behind some cheap plastic display type case. To my surprise it doesn’t look that way at all. The GemShell case is see through, thin, and flexible. When you put your phone into the GemShell case you can see that it doesn’t add any extra bulk really to the phone. It hugs the phone just right so I don’t feel like I’m carrying a brick when I use my phone.

Then when it comes to the look, I see my phone. The GemShell case does a good job of displaying my phone as if there was on case there. This gives me the protection I wanted without losing the ability to see what phone I’m using. I mean you know the case is there, but you still get the see your phone. But there are a few negatives too. As with any case there starts to be a build up of lint, and other items that show on the phone from it being placed in pockets and out and about with the elements. With a normal case you don’t really see it because the phone is covered up, but because the GemShell is see through, it is more noticeably. If your the type to have to obsessively clean any lint or dirt you see, then you will constantly be fixated on this fact with the GemShell case.

All in all the GemShell case has given me what I wanted. It gives me protection, no brick added bulk, and allows me to see the beauty of my HTC One. The case will run you about $29.95 over at, check it out if you don’t want to cover up your device. It is one step up above #TeamNaked

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