Cadillac always has some interesting and fun cars in their line up. Previously we checked out and reviewed the XTS and the CTS-V Coupe which was just exhilarating! Recently we had the chance to check out the car that won 2013 North American Car of the Year, the 2013 Cadillac ATS. Would this sports sedan have what it takes to impress us like its previous line members?


Like the Cadillac cars we reviewed before it, the ATS is a great looking car. Though it is a luxury car, the ATS just has this bad a$$ appeal about it! The loaner vehicle we had come in Thunder Gray Chromaflair (you just got to love these color names they give lol) and just looks amazing at first look. From the front, the Cadillac ATS looks bad a$$ from its shape of the front to its center grill. Also very nicely done is its distinctive lighting, which look awesome when they come on at night, really has this phenomenal look and feel to them. Then as you move in closer to the car, you can see how the hood is formed and the styling there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The great look of this car doesn’t end with the front, as from the sides to the back the ATS just looks like a car you want to own. Then once you make it inside, the ATS has really cool and subtle design accents that caught my attention. On the inside I noticed on each door panel, the ATS has this very cool design pattern engraved on top of the silver paneling, and this is also present on the passenger side of the dashboard above the glove compartment area. I thought this was a really nice touch yet subtle. Beyond the subtle design patterns the interior was clean and comfortable feeling. The Cadillac ATS overall is one bad a$$ attractive compact sports sedan!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Cadillac ATS is the second Cadillac car we’re review that uses the CUE infotainment system, and I for one is glad its there. The CUE system should be in every Cadillac car and I believe it will as time goes on. I won’t spend a whole lot of time we as the system is the same one I talked about in the XTS review. Briefly some of the things I love about the CUE system include its proximity sensor which changes the scree to reflect different options as your hand gets close to the display. Also the fact that the CUE system is highly customizable. You can choose what you want to display on the screen from phone numbers to FM/satellite radio stations, to designations for the navigation system. The CUE system is one of the most customizable I’ve seen in a car and very easy to use. Now I wouldn’t call this feature exactly CUE, but I love that since the system has move much of the internal stuff to another location, I like that there is also the secret compartment behind the console buttons. This was cool and comes in handy if you want to store your phone and charge it via USB as well.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Driving the Cadillac ATS was oh so fun. The ATS has great acceleration from a complete stop and from position of speed also has very good stopping power. Again the ATS is quite an attractive car, so when you get and drive around, you just feel good while behind the wheel. Quite a few people stopped and ask about the car as I drove a long. Once you are inside, the sitting is comfortable and the ATS has dual climate control for those times where you and your passengers may have a difference in temperature opinion. I like that it also has heated seats and steering wheels for those cold days.

Again this is a car that is fun and easy to drive. If you a gadget person like me, getting in and setting up your phone for user was easy and straight forward and I was rocking my music via Spotify in no time at all. All in all a very good experience and one I would expect from the Cadillac brand!

Wrap Up

The North American Car of the Year Cadillac ATS doesn’t disappoint. If definitely does the Cadillac line while and is a wonderful luxury sports sedan. The base price for the ATS will run you about $33,095 MSRP, so you can see that luxury pricing right there. There are definitely other sport sedans to choose from that might not come in so high of an entry fee. But hey if you got the coin and looking for a luxury brand to own, you won’t do wrong checking out a Cadillac!

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