Sennheiser MOMENTUM-Front

Sennheiser has always had a great reputation for quality sound especially when it comes to studio production headphones. But of course it doesn’t stop there because its quality has no boundaries for these around the ear headphones. Their “Experience the fine art of sound with all your senses” slogan holds true with the Sennheiser Momentum. It’s like listening to music as if you were driving or lounging in the back of a pulled back curtain Maybach. To isolate against ambient noise the headphones are made with a closed circumaural design. I haven’t had a pair of around the ear headphones that sounds this good and comfortable since my SkullCandy RocNation Aviator headphones.

The Momentum headphones are both comfortable and stylish. Just like the Aviators I can fall a sleep in these headphones unlike most other around ear headphones I’ve owned or reviewed (Yes, falling a sleep in them is one of my testing criteria lol). These undeniably plush, soft and supple leather headphone earpads are accompanied with that soothing quality of sound that travels through your ear canals. Included on these exchangeable cables is the Smart Remote with Mic that effortlessly allows you to turn volume up/down, activate voice control, answer/end reject a call, press play/pause and skip to next/previous track. This is compatible with most Apple devices excluding the 4th Generation 80G Classic iPod. The funny thing is just for GP I tried it on my LG Optimus G using Google Music with no expectations but I was able to activate the Voice Control on my Android.

Sennheiser Momentum cords

If you are a fan of quality sound and comfortability of a pair of over-ear headphones that are lightweight then the Sennheiser Momentum are the perfect compliment of style and sound. Consistency and quality is synonymous with Sennheiser and like the veteran in the game of sound that they are, they definitely bring the heat with the non-stop Momentum. 05619878-photo-sennheiser-momentum-13 These are made with tough authentic leather headband for maximum durability with robust metal-constructed earcup slider for custom fit. So I would suggest that you do yourself a favor and cop these especially if you’re doing pre-production or studio work. Even if you’re just a connoisseur of portable listening device for $349 you should get your pennies together to layaway, straight cop or finance a pair of Momentums lol.

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