One of the easiest and most abundant accessories one can find for the iPhone 5 is that of cases. There are literally hundred and hundreds of different cases you can get for it in all shapes, sizes, and colors and it’s not uncommon for someone to have more than several of them at a time. In fact, I have more than I even know what to do with but I will say that it is nice to have the variety there especially if you can swap them out for different occasions, moods, or even based on your current outfit. One brand that I’ve had experience with is Musubo and their unique, stylish cases. I’ve always found them to be quite good because of how different they were from other brands and the fact that they provided a good amount of protection. The latest case from them I’m trying out is the Musubo Chamfer, a slim, stylish hardcase.

Design and Usage

chamfer_blueThe Musubo Chamfer is a hardcase that snaps on to the rear of the iPhone 5. It snaps on the same way as all the other hardcase shells I’ve seen in the past except that the Chamfer doesn’t feel as flimsy or thin as others. There is a bit of thickness in the rear but you can’t really tell when you’re holding it because it is tapered off at the sides. The added thickness has a plus side of course as it makes the case that much more durable.

Another interesting feature is that the Chamfer has its own volume buttons built in which makes it super simple to use these buttons with the case on. It also adds a bit of protection to these buttons as well. Other snap on cases I’ve used before don’t have these buttons which makes using the volume buttons a bit hard to get to as they become flush with the case.

The case itself is fairly protective. Like other snap on cases, it doesn’t protect the top and bottom edges of the iPhone 5. It however does protect the sides and the rear. Because it is a bit thicker than others, I also feel as if it would withstand a drop much better than its flimsier counterparts. The Chamfer also has a soft touch rubber coating on it which aids with grip while also giving it a very smooth, soft feel.

Still, my favorite feature really are the built in volume buttons. I love cases that have their own built in buttons because it makes the phone just as easy to use with the case on as it did with the case off. I use the volume button to take photos so this helps a ton.

Final Thoughts

The Musubo Chamfer is one of the best snap on cases I’ve used. It may not be as thin as others, but in my opinion, the added thickness means added protection with a much better build. The Chamfer also looks good with a really sleek look to it and the metallic paint job gives it a premium feel.

You’ll notice that in some of the images, you’ll see a little groove etched into the inside portion of the case that is meant for a tray eject pin. Sadly, the case doesn’t come with this pin which is used to eject the sim tray from the iPhone 5. If you do have a pin this shape though, it will fit into this groove for easy storage.

Overall, a very good case. This is another winner from Musubo. Though it might not be as flashy as their other cases, it’s still a very clean, minimalistic case for those who want something low key.

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