HTC One Case

This weekend I was blessed with an HTC One. Even after watching all the scratch tests I didn’t feel comfortable NOT immediately getting a case for it. They had a decent selection of cases from various brands but the Genuine HTC Double Dip Flip Case is the one that caught my attention.

Design and Usage

The HTC One Double Dip Flip Case is a wrap around case that also flips into a landscape stand so you won’t have to hold your HTC One to enjoy watching movies and/or enjoying the Boom Sound speakers hands free. The Double Dip Flip Case is made from hard polycarbonate materials that provides both strength and security to the device. The hard shell exterior is complemented by the soft micro suede lining on the cover side of the case so the screen is cushioned when placed into the case.

There are openings in the case that make all the ports and buttons available. I’ve read a few comments where others have said they weren’t able to use the phone with the case on. I didn’t have that issue as there is a small pin hole opening larger than the actual mic giving you full access to use while the phone is in the case. I was able to make calls and was told there were no problems hearing me at all.

Final Thoughts

If I had a small gripe it would be the creasing of the case when I fold it back to watch movies. My concern is the possibility that after continuous folding the case will no longer be able to prop up the device without collapsing. It’s possible that the combination of the weight of the phone and the hard shell could keep that from happening. Thats something only time will tell. So far I love the case and feel it doesn’t take away from the style of the phone. The HTC logo branded across the front cover of the case will help others not mistake my phone for any other device. That works for me. The case is available from your local carrier where you purchase your phone or Amazon for $32.44.

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