naked_toughWhen it comes to iPhone 5 cases, you have many choices. In fact, there are probably way too many choices out there that it can make it quite hard to pick out that one perfect case. I can say that I’ve gone through my fair share of cases so far. Some of them have close to being perfect while others have been duds. However, through all my trial and error, I think I’ve found a case that I can genuinely say I like, and that case is the Olo Naked Tough case by Case-mate. I’ve actually looked at several Case-mate cases in the past and the Naked Tough is actually a variation of the original Case-mate Tough case that I looked at last year. The only difference now is that the Naked Tough case doesn’t hide the beauty of the iPhone 5.


Design and Build

nt_smoke_05The Olo Naked Tough case for the iPhone 5 is a two piece case that consists of a shock absorbing inner band and an impact resistant outer shell. What sets this case apart from the regular Tough case is that the Naked Tough features a clear outer shell that doesn’t hide the look of the iPhone 5. The Naked Tough is available in two colors, smoke and white. Basically a color for each color iPhone. The one I received from Case-mate was white with a crystal clear shell.

Installing the case is very easy. First place the inner band around your iPhone 5, then after snap on the clear shell over the band and you’re good to go. I’ve has some experience with clear cases before and generally, I like the way they look as they are more stealthy than regular cases. The problem is that clear cases get scratched up. I’ve never had a clear case that didn’t get several scratches before I had to retire them. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Naked Tough. I’ve thrown it around a few times and it doesn’t seem to get scratched up like other cases. So far, it’s stayed crystal clear.

What I like too about this clear case is that it isn’t just a snap on case like others. Because of the inner band, it completely covers and protects the rear and every side of the iPhone 5. It’s thin too and doesn’t add very much bulk to your iPhone. The inner band partially wraps around the front screen and has a lay-flat design which protects the screen when laying the iPhone down on its face.

Final Thought

The Olo Naked Tough case for the iPhone 5 by Case-mate is my new favorite case. It might not be as flashy or colorful as other cases, but for someone who doesn’t want to cover up the good looks of the iPhone 5, the Naked Tough allows exceptional protection without sacrificing looks.

It’s a very well made case with really good fit and finish. There aren’t really any downsides to this case at all in my opinion so if you’re looking for a case that offers good overall protection, excellent build quality, and something that will still show off your iPhone 5, this is the case you’ve been searching for.

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