Band Car Charger By TYLT - G Style Magazine - Base TYLT LogoChecking out the Tylt booth back at CES 2013 we saw some pretty colorful mobile accessories ranging from cases to chargers to even powered backpacks but would they be able to deliver on the quality and what they were created to do? They had a plethora of equipment and glad to see it wasn’t just dedicated to the iPhone range.

One of the devices that caught my eye was the Band Car Charger. Besides it being colorful and vibrant it was totally different from your usual thin piece of wiring you’d usually get from having a car charger. Overtime of wear and tear these things tend to give out and your replacing car chargers more than you know.


The Band Car Charger is a flat ribbon cable that is composed of a silicone unibody and you can pretty much bend it and twist it at your leisure. You get about two feet of cable and while thicker then your average charger wire it doesn’t feel cumbersome. No tangling of the wires and can be balled up and put anywhere.

How It Works

Band Flat Ribbon Car Charger by TYLT - G Style Magazine - In Use

Just like any car charger you just plug it into your cigarette lighter and the other end plugs into your mobile device. Depending on your weapon of choice you have the option of either the often used micro-USB or Apple 30-pin connections. There should be lightning connections available soon too.

Besides connecting it to my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I also connected to my friend’s Galaxy S II via the additional micro-USB port. That 2nd connection is definitely a life saver and works sufficiently. The power being provided from the charger is that of 2.1 Amp.


Overall I was pleased with the Tylt Charger and while it is just a car charger, so far using it I have been pretty pleased with the results. Durability and rapid charging is the main key features with the Band charger and it knocks it out the park in that aspect.

The Band Charger is available now at for $39.99 and comes in four colors of Red, Neon, Blue, and Black.

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