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Powerocks Stone 1 – A 2600mAh Battery Charger for Smart Phones - Color SelectionA few days ago, I posted about the Powerocks Tarot, a light weight, thin battery charger for your smart phone. It provides a decent 1600mAh for a few hours of emergency power but for some, this might not be enough. If you want something with a bit more oomph, but you still want something relatively small and portable, well look no further than another one of Powerocks’ products, the Stone 1. Like the Tarot, the Stone 1 is a universal portable battery charger for mobile devices, mainly smart phones. It’s small, lightweight, and pocketable. Unlike the Tarot however, the Stone 1 features a 2600mAh charging capacity which means your mobile device can survive even longer before hitting a stationary charging location.

Like all other portable charging solutions, the Powerocks Stone 1 allows for easy charging on the go when electrical outlets or charging stations are no where to be found. With this, just plug your mobile phones charging cable into the USB port on the Stone 1 and it will automatically start recharging your device’s battery.

Design and Build

The Powerocks Stone has a very different shape and build than the Tarot. It’s about the size of a large pack of gum and isn’t flat like the Tarot. This most likely is necessary because of the larger capacity battery in it. The difference in shape doesn’t bother me though because it is still pretty small and light.

Powerocks Stone 1 – A 2600mAh Battery Charger for Smart Phones - Battery Indicator The body is made of plastic this time, no aluminum or metal here. Most likely, it’s polycarbonate which will make it withstand drops and rough usage. On one side, you’ll find the micro-USB charging port with the power indicator button right above that as well as the 4-LED indicator lights. Press the button and these will light up to show you roughly how much charge is left in the Stone 1.

On the other side of the unit, you’ll find 1 USB port for plugging in any USB charging cable. Again, I’ve tried this with my iPhone, BlackBerry, and even my iPad and they all seem to charge up fine. Obviously using this on an iPad is not really recommended as it won’t charge it up much and will do it quite slowly. You’re better off sticking to just charging mobile phones and mp3 players.

Overall, not a bad looking design. I like that the edges are rounded, giving it a softer look and the fact that it comes in a few different colors.

Final Thoughts

There are literally tons of battery chargers out there now that are available for your mobile devices, many of which are really affordable. There is no reason now that you shouldn’t have one, considering how small these things are now and how power hungry our mobile phones can be. With that said, you can’t really go wrong with a Powerocks Stone 1. The 2600mAh battery provides enough extra power to get you through those long days.

This is the second Powerocks product I’ve looked at and have been pretty impressed with them so far. They still have way more other types of chargers in their product range as well with different capacities and usage. I would definitely check out their full line up which you can find here.

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