Support OverDog App - Kickstarter

Support OverDog App - Kickstarter
New pro athletes joined OverDog to Challenge Fans in Video Games During Kickstarter campaign

From the gridiron to the gaming console, professional football players like Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears, want to challenge YOU to Madden. Tampa Bay Rays cannon, David Price, dares you to hit his fastball in MLB 2K13. Are you up for it? New app, OverDog, connects athletes from all sports to their fans through any video game title. Fans who support OverDog on Kickstarter will receive exclusive access during the mobile app’s beta window which will be closed to the general public until Fall.

With only 25 hours to go, can they reach their funding goal? I hope so – check out the most recent Press Release below:

Press Release

NASHVILLE – March 28, 2013 – OverDog, the mobile app that connects pro athletes with fans through any video game title, will launch its exclusive beta version next month before going public this Fall. During its Kickstarter campaign, OverDog successfully signed on dozens of pro athletes, established a large social media following with tweets from EA and Drew Brees, and connected with thousands of fans across the country to talk sports and gaming.

The Kickstarter video, alone, pulled in more than 1500 “Likes,” and OverDog had more than 100,000 article views. Excited tweets from star athletes like David Price, Brian Urlacher, Chris Kluwe and other OverDog contenders reached more than 10,000,000 Twitter followers sparking conversation and hype for this app.

“This experience has been incredible for us,” says Hunter Hillenmeyer, Former Chicago Bear and Founder of OverDog. “Once word got out about the OverDog app, athletes from all sports began reaching out to us to take part in this project. We’re very excited to get the beta version going soon, and to roll out all of our exciting features to make this an unforgettable gaming experience.”

In the past month, OverDog recruited another 75 professional athletes to get in the game including NFL star Randy Moss, USMNT players, NBA stars and NCAA athletes. The NFLPA and NBPA each report that more than 75% of their members are avid gamers. The OverDog mobile app helps streamline the process to better connect fans with athletes in all of their favorite games.

How Does OverDog Work?

Athletes post video challenges which fans can access and accept. OverDog chooses one lucky gamer from a random drawing who will then face off against the challenging athlete. Athletes and fans can interact via the video game, and even trash talk while wearing headsets.

OverDog is expanding its features over the next few months. Some new additions will include live streaming of gaming challenges between athletes, fan v. fan play, leaderboards and game broadcasting.

What’s Next for OverDog?

There’s less than 30 hours left in the OverDog Kickstarter campaign. Although, the project has not reached its funding goal yet- the exclusive Beta window for the mobile app will still launch in April. The app will open to the public this Fall. For early access to OverDog, fans can head to the OverDog site.


About OverDog

OverDog is comprised of a team of technology and mobile application gurus with the insight of professional athletes. Former Chicago Bear, Hunter Hillenmeyer, serves as the President and Co-Founder alongside CEO Steve Berneman. Berneman brings nearly 10 years of experience working in start-ups and sports to the table.

Additionally, an advisory board made up of the sport industry’s elite is on-hand for app input and participation. Tampa Bay Rays’ David Price, Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe, former NFL Wide Receiver Hank Baskett are just a few of the board’s members. Each athlete is looking to combine his love of sports, fans, and gaming in an efficient, exciting platform.

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