Today is the day that the BlackBerry Z10 finally hits at&t with other carriers soon to follow. If you’re one of the lucky few to pick on of these up, then you’re most likely tapping away as we speak on BBM chatting it up with your friends and colleagues about how this is the best BlackBerry ever made. In between messages, why not head over to the BlackBerry App World and pick up our top 5 choices for must have apps. These are the apps that I found most useful, though there may be others you find on your own that suit your personal needs more than these do.


OpenTableThis app actually hit the App World not to long ago so it’s great to see some of the more popular apps on other platforms showing up for BlackBerry. OpenTable is a restaurant reservation app that makes it easy to get a table almost anywhere, quickly. Never wait in line again to eat at your favorite restaurants. Not only is this app great for last minute restaurant choices, but OpenTable also lets you discover new places to eat that you may have never though of going to before.




HandlerThere is no Pandora on BB 10 yet so a good alternative I’ve found is Songza. Songza is a bit different from Pandora in that you don’t actually create your own radio stations based on preferences. Instead, Songza chooses them from you based on your mood and what you’re doing. For instance, you could be relaxing at home or cooking a meal and Songza will automatically choose what it thinks is appropriate based on those situations. There are of course different genres you can choose for each situation. The great thing about Songza too is that it is 100% ad free with no listening limit.



wazeiOS and Android have been enjoying Waze for quite some time now as one of the most used navigation apps out there. Waze differs from other GPS navigation apps in that it is open and uses crowd sourced data for real-time road information and conditions. Think of it as the social network of the GPS world. Each user who uses Waze has the ability to contribute to all that data found in it. You can report accidents, traffic, and even where police speed traps are located. What is neat too is that you can see other Waze users as well, though that can seem a bit creepy. Luckily you can turn that off if you don’t want others tracking you.


Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry-Birds-Star-Wars1Yes I’m including a game in my top app round up because not only is this and Angry Birds game, it’s Angry Birds Star Wars! Yes, anything Star Wars in instantaneously awesome and you’ll be picking up what is by far, a game that is part of the most popular series of games ever on any mobile platform. What makes Angry Birds Star Wars special on BB 10 however is that the game is completely free on here. Yes, Android has a free version too of the full game, but their version is littered with ads. On BlackBerry, it is 100% free and ad free as well. You can’t beat that!



USA Today or The Guardian

Guardian_icon_V2_009_512pxThese are two of the more popular news apps available for BB 10. If you’re like me, it’s hard keeping up with the news at home so most of the time, I’m keeping up with it during my commute or in my spare time at work. The easiest way to do this is on my mobile phone. Both USA Today and The Guardian have received high marks from users for their clean interfaces and speed. You can’t go wrong with either so choice will come down to preference of which delivers more of the news you want.



Honorable Mentions

These apps I didn’t include up in my top 5 because they technically already come preloaded on the BlackBerry Z10 and the fact that they are already apps you would have downloaded without hesitation. I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. Make sure you update these apps however when you do get your BlackBerry Z10 to make sure you have the latest version of these popular social networking apps.

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