FlexishieldWaveCase-Nexus7 You know it has been awhile since I’ve talked about my Nexus 7 since I purchased it. But doesn’t mean there has been anything wrong with it. I love my Nexus 7, cherish it, and use it daily. What’s more is I have really talked about another case for it since the review of the Fit Folio case by Speck, as I love using that as well. But I decided to try on another to see if the grass is green on the other site. So I recently started using the Flexishield Wave case which can be found on the MobileFun.com website among other items. So let me dive into this and see how sometime new feels.

For the style of this Flexishield Wave case is simple and to the point. The unit I receive came in Black, but the case also comes in Pink, Blue, Clear, Red, and Purple. On the back it has a two-toned look to it with part matte and part glossy. The side have a textured look to him and all presented in a nice rubberized look and feel. The case is a back only so the front is naked display all of your screen.

The Flexishield Wave case feel very minimal so it definitely has a slimmer profile when looking at it from close and a far. Unless you were very close by it you would think your Nexus 7 was #TeamLookBetterNaked which is quite attractive.

Using the Flexishield Wave case took a little getting use to as I had gotten so use to the Fit Folio one. I can see using the Flexisheild on the go if maybe all I want to do is read stuff and have quick access to unlock the tablet and get my read on. For that purpose I see the Flexisheild case as an asset. Minimal in its function and highly accessible. But then at the same time if I wanted to watch a movie or otherwise prop it up for use, I would run into some issues. Really it all depends on how you use you tablet. Me I personally like the cases that can be converted into stands so I can watch stuff as well. Again your preference by differ.

The Flexishield Wave case for the Nexus 7 is a fine edition to my collection of Nexus 7 cases. I can see myself using this while on the train to/from work, pulling it out and reading Pulse while commuting. If I had a need to do more I’d probably toggle back to another case if I needed to prop it up. But overall the Flexisheild Wave case looks good, is simple and to the point, and doesn’t hurt the pocket as it cost just $12.99 on the MobileFun website. Have a go and see what you think.

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