Optrix today announced that their popular line of rugged video housings for the iPhone is now available for the IPhone 5. The new Optrix XD5 is specially designed for the iPhone 5 to take advantage of the devices excellent 1080p HD optics. For starters, the kit includes a new “monocoque” protective unibody system that protects the iPhone 5 from drops from up to 40 ft! It’s also waterprood up to 15 ft. It also includes a lens add-on that will convert the current camera into one that can capture wide-angle video at 175-degrees.

The Optrix XD5 actually sports a number of improvements over the previous XD4 version, most of which make it lighter and stronger. For a complete rundown of improvements, check out the press release below as well as their official site here.

Press Release

Marin, CA – February 27, 2013 – Optrix, designer of ultra-rugged action video and sports specialty housings for the iPhone, announces the availability of Optrix XD5, the first ultra-rugged, camera optimizing system for iPhone 5 that enables users to record wide-angle HD videos under the most punishing conditions.

Optrix XD5 system incorporates features from its award-winning XD4 product, including the 175 degree lens that enhances the iPhone 5’s 1080p HD optics and the clear protective membrane that enables users to continue using their iPhone while in the housing.  It enhances the previous design with a thinner, lighter and stronger unibody, and a new rail mounting system for quick on-off for helmets, chest mounts, water sport mounts, handle mounts, and more.

“Optrix is proud to unveil the world’s toughest case that disaster proofs the iPhone 5,” said John Willenborg, founder of Optrix.  “The XD5 is the only iPhone 5 camera system built for sports enthusiasts by sports enthusiasts.”

Designed using the same concept as a Formula 1 race car, the XD5 utilizes a “monocoque” protective unibody system that encapsulates the iPhone 5, shielding it from pressure and making it drop safe from up to 40ft.  In addition, the XD5’s enhanced design utilizes a unique waterproofing seal that guarantees waterproof ability up to a depth of 15ft.

“Many action sports camera systems exist in the market, but only the XD5 takes into account real life video capturing needs,” added Willenborg.  “The ability to easily adjust shooting angles, access to all controls and its compatibility with multiple mounting options solidifies the XD5 as the ideal action camera system for the iPhone 5.”

The XD5 also incorporates a second door to access charging connectors, headphone jack and microphone, making it the ideal option as an everyday rugged case.  For iPhone 5 users wishing to enhance their videos, Optrix provides a suite of cutting-edge video recording and editing software and apps, including VideoPro, which adds full telemetry data such as speed, G-force, lap time and track map onto the video.

Optrix XD5 action video making system can be found at select Apple, Best Buy and Target stores; and online at Apple.com, Bestbuy.com and www.optrix.com.

About Optrix
Optrix is a designer of ultra rugged action video and sports specialty housings for the iPhone. Obsessive attention to detail and purpose allow Optrix housings to offer unsurpassed protection while delivering stunning results. Redefining what you thought possible with an iPhone.

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