475930_400x400If you’re looking for an audio solution for your mobile devices that doesn’t involve wires or device specific audio docks, your best bet is to find an audio solution with integrated Bluetooth capabilities. I prefer Bluetooth speakers mainly because I like to keep my mobile device on me and not shackled to a wire as well as the fact that with a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect basically any Bluetooth enabled device to it. That means I don’t need a specialized dock to connect my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook to it. With that said, the latest Bluetooth speaker I’ll be taking a look at today is the new Divoom Bluetune-Solo. It’s a simple, tiny, can shaped speaker that allows you to play all your audio as well as being able to use it as a speakerphone.



Looking at the Divoom Bluetune-Solo, you wouldn’t really think much of it. It’s a minimalistic design and if it were not for the Bluetooth logo and phone icon along with the giant X-BASS etching, you’d think it was just a small cup or paperclip holder. From the sides, there isn’t much to see. It’s wrapped in a matte colored, soft-touch like material that allows for easy grip. You can get these in a variety of colors with color matching speaker grills. I received the matte white color here and it looks very classy and sleek. Rotating the speaker, you’ll find and AUX out jack for daisy chaining speakers as well as a mini-USB jack for charging and AUX in.

The top of the Bluetune-Solo is mainly all speaker except for the plastic piece that breaks up the center of the grill with the X-BASS etched into it as well as using it as a place to house the Bluetooth/Call button. This button glows blue when on and you use it to answer phone calls as well as to sync new devices to the Bluetune-Solo.

The bottom of the device has 3 rubber “feet” that help keep the Bluetune-Solo planted on your desk and keeps it from sliding around. They are really rubbery and work very well. The on/off switch is also located down here and hidden from normal view.


  • * Wireless play from up to 10 meters away
  • * Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • * Extra bass in a small package
  • * 8-hour rechargeable battery
  • * Daisy-chain capability


Setting up the Bluetune-Solo is easy as pie. Like any other Bluetooth device, just turn on Bluetooth with your mobile phone or tablet and set it to discovery mode. Turn on the Bluetune-Solo and then hold down the top bottom for a few seconds until it beeps. It will now be discoverable. Just click on the Bluetune-Solo option on your mobile device when it appears and it will pair with the speaker. Done. The Bluetune-Solo will now play all audio from your device as well as being able to pick up phone calls and using it as a speakerphone.

What you can not do with the speaker however is use it to control any audio apps. The most it will do is pause music by pressing the top button and that is it. It’s a simple audio device but it works well for what it is.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the Bluetune-Solo. It’s small and portable, but has a really big sound to it. It’s easier to carry around than some of the other Bluetooth enabled speaker systems out there and I like the fact that it can also be used as a speakerphone. The only real downside I can see to the little unit is that it doesn’t have dedicated audio control buttons on it so you’ll need to use your device to control everything. Other than that, the Bluetune-Solo sounds great and lasts a long time between charges.

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