As usual, looks like Case-Mate comes right out the gate with cases already available for the BlackBerry Z10. Like with previous hot phones, Case-Mate has always been consistently offering cases pretty much at launch when these phones become available. It’s no wonder that they are a favorite brand for most.

Case-Mate will be offering 3 different collections for the BlackBerry Z10, my favorite would probably be the Black Signature Flip case. I don’t know why but when I think BlackBerry, I always think leather cases or holsters. Check out the rest of the lineup below as well as more photos.

cmi_Crafted-woods_Blackberry-stl-100_Zebrawood_CM025198_7Crafted Woods Collection

o    Available in Rosewood and Ashwood for $80 at

o    Inspired by vintage automotive interiors, the Crafted Woods Collection is a marriage of sophisticated authentic natural materials and thoughtful attention to detail.


cmi_Brushed-aluminum_Blackberry-10-stl-100_Gunmetal-black_CM025194_7Gunmetal with Black Brushed Aluminum

o    Available for $50 at

o    The Brushed Aluminum collection impresses with a blend of metallic, sporty look and sleek luxurious feel.



cmi_Signature-flip_Blackberry-10-stl-100_Black_CM025796_8Black Signature Flip

o    Available for $80 at

o    The Signature Flip is fashioned from genuine leather and the tailored design offers complete front and back protection.



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