Seidio Obex
The Seidio Obex Waterproof Case has several key features that in theory make it one of the best forms of protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • 4H rated scratch protection built in screen guard that doesn’t obstruct the touchscreen
  • Waterproof Protective Barrier that allows sound to travel and keeps elements out
  • Anti-Reflective Glass to preserve integrity of photos taken
  • Impact protection to prevent dust and watering from touching your phone
  • Spring lock holster to securely hold your device

In testing this case I commissioned the services of my 12-year old. I wanted to see how easy to would be for anyone to use this case. Plus he’s a typical rough preteen so I knew he’d really help me gauge its protection level.

Out the Box

The first thing I noticed out the box is that it’s not a simple snap on case – if it were I’d be skeptical. You can’t miss the large warning label as soon as you open the box. The warning encourages you to test the cases waterproof capabilities sans your smartphone. The case seemed like a simple black case, not as rugged or military looking as one of Otterbox Defenders – a definite plus in my book.

Sink or Swim

We followed the directions carefully and were extremely impressed with the 8 or so times that we submerged it in the sink, the tub and the toilet not even a drop of moisture got into the case. I feel confident that if you submerge it with the actual phone inside it in 3-6 feet deep water it’s more than likely to survive-however, I can’t in good conscious actually test this theory on purpose.

Call Quality

My son and I agree that the sound quality and touch sensitivity seemed altered while using the Obex. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me, but since the Obex isn’t the most form fitting or slim case  it definitely wouldn’t be my day to day accessory. An added bonus is that since I live in a Beach State – I did find this case to be an absolute MUST have for our trips to the beach and theme parks.

For $79.99, this case is definitely worth the purchase to protect your investment. For me while traveling, hiking, swimming or at the beach – it is definitely the outfit of choice for  my Samsung S III and one of the few things I wouldn’t dare leave home without.

Seidio now also offers the Obex for the iPhone 5 for the same price.

Check the installation video below for a closer look:

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