On their website Adopted describes themselves as:

a new line of fashion technology accessories, focused on merging thoughtful design, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional materials. Adopted’s international team creates authentic, distinctive products which integrate seamlessly with your daily life; humanizing the digital with a considered approach to every detail.

I didn’t think I could put it any better than they did. Adopted launched both online and in select retail stores October 2012 – but when you check out their website and see the craftsmanship of their cases you truly get the feel they’ve been around for awhile. They currently feature seven exclusive collections focused solely on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Of their seven collections I had the pleasure of reviewing the Caplet Case Collection. From the moment you see the packaging you get a sense of that this was definitely created to be a fashion statement – but would it protect my iPhone 5 was the question.


ADOPTED’s Caplet Case for iPhone 5 features a two-tone treatment, lively color options, and high-gloss protective coating. The Caplet Case is constructed of hard plastic, uses snap on installation, has a flash ring (the camera lens and flash are accessible) and leaves all the ports and buttons accessible. The Caplet case is very slim and doesn’t add much bulk if any to the iPhone and the high gloss finish definitely did get alot of attention and people asking me what brand the case was. I felt like a walking billboard but i didn’t mind it at all.

The caplet comes in 7 colors for the iPhone 5 and 4 colors for the iphone 4/4s. The teal seemed to get the most attention and i thought the cranberry and purple might be better suited for a white model iPhone but found it looked great on my black model.


Unfortunately during a heated discussion my iPhone swan dived onto a marble floor. My phone remained in tact and the case bore no visible cracks or scuff marks. I found that rather surprising considering how thin the cases are.

The downsides I found are both due to the high gloss finish. I found it both slippery and prone to fingerprints. I doubt anyone else noticed all the fingerprints but it’s one of my pet peeves. For this reason I wouldn’t see myself using this as my default daily case- I did find that when dressed up and wearing heels I reached for one of the caplet cases in the color that went with my purse and shoes for the day. (yes it’s that serious for me).


I find everything about Adopted impressive – from it’s website, customer service backstory and their gorgeous collections. I will personally be purchasing a few cases from the other collections and look forward to their other accessories to come. I can’t wait for the laptop bags, folios and backpacks they plan on adding to their lineup!

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