Munitio is a company I’ve never heard of before CES 2013, and it is for this reason I love attending CES. The Munitio Nines boast being able to deliver unmatched sound purity, and tight, thundering, distortion-free bass. They also claim to have crystal clear mids and soothing smooth highs. Are these claims accurate? And are these a pair of ear buds you need in your life?


MUNITIO_NINES_BLK_Hero The Nines we received at CES came in all black, and frankly look good in all black. Now I will say that the back of these ear buds do look like a bullet, so depending on your views or beliefs these may or may not be the ear buds for you. The Nines also come in both Silver and Gold. What is also cool about the Nines is the little engraved picture on the ear-buds, which looks like a little phoenix bird in my opinion. This adds to the style and makes for a subtle but nice fashion statement.


MUNITIO_NINES_3button_Micplug I love these ear-buds! The ear-buds sound excellent and has some of the best bass response I’ve heard in a pair of ear-buds. The bass on some of the songs I listened to for testing was indeed distortion free. It was also deep and a clean bass. Like the kind of bass you have in a car that has a really good sound system! I was actually quite surprised by the quality of the ear-buds. The bass wasn’t a distraction to the mids and highs of the music. So all in all, the sound quality was excellent.


The Munitio Nines is a solid pair of ear-buds. The look was good and the sound awesome. I did have some issues keeping the Nines in my ear, but that is an issue I have with most ear-buds. Your usage may vary. The Nines again may not be for everyone, while I don’t mind the bullet look of them, others might. Also these aren’t ear-buds for those on a budget, as the Nines will run you about $169.00. So while you are definitely getting some quality for the price, you better make sure you have the dough for it. I recommend these for people serious about their music, love good clean bass, and don’t mind paying a pretty penny for it!

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