And another CES is just wrapping up and it is time to let you guys know who we really liked while here. Honestly there was a lot of companies that left us with the “I need to have that right now” feeling, but there were two companies this year that gave us that warm feeling.

Returning again to our Best of CES ranks is long time favorite Vizio. It is hard not to like great products at a good value. Vizio once again had an awesome line of products. One highlight item was the 11.6 Windows 8 tablet. This tablet had a great display and Windows 8 signature which meant no bloatware to deal with. That alone earned it high marks with us. From tablet to notebook, to TVS Vizio showed us an impressive line up of device we wanted to own. This is the 3rd time Vizio has won our Best in Show title, and it is well earned. You’ll see more mention of these Vizio products that caught our favor in the days and weeks to come!

And first time winner of our Best in Show is Sol Republic. Sol Republic already had a great line up of products, and this year they released the Master Track On Ear headphones. These headphones both look and sound great! These headphones also had to be the only product that drove us to go on a convention center manhunt trying to find the booth where they were displayed. And once we finally found the booth, it was welcome to the promise land. Sol Republic we do have one piece of advice for if you return to CES next year, please get a better booth location! You guys have great products, they should have a better presence!

You can expect a full review and more for both Vizio and Sol Republic coming shortly after CES 2013! So stay tuned