iRig-KEYS in the Box
When I think of lightweight, portable and pleasantly surprising quality sound I gotta think of IK Multimedia’s iRig Keys. It’s a plug-and-play convenient 37-velocity-sensitive mini-Key MIDI Keyboard, with iOS dock connection compatible to the PC (Windows XP (SP3),Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7 or later) / Mac (OS X 10.5 or later), iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. There’s nothing better than using a MIDI that feels comfortable so in a since it can also be called the iComfortable (Note to self: If IK Multimedia makes a device called iComfortable make sure you are a part of the developmental process). You can effortlessly scroll through presets, move up and down the octaves, and optional plug-in for a sustain pedal.


iRig is a beautiful addition to your recording session. It comes with two free apps from App Store; such as the iGrand Piano, and Sample Tank for iPhone or iPad and to not to make the PC/Mac user feel lonely the stand-alone and plug-in sample workstation with 2GB (but for $9.99 you can upgrade and will include 135 instruments whereas the free app has 20 instruments) of samples Sample Tank 2 L is easy to download from the IK User Area. Sample Tank works well with Abelton Live, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Cubase and Logic.

iRig Keys

IK Multimedia’s reputation precedes itself throughout the industry and it doesn’t stop here with the iRigi keys that unlock the doors to that creativity of music that awakens the inner Dre Dre, Swizz Beatz or Kanye West within. This is a great way to start your production empire while using Apple and PC products so get iRigi wit it!

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