I took a look and attended the launch event for the I’m Watch yesterday. What was shown was the I’m Droid 2, and it promised to sync and display content from your phone on its little display. Some of this content includes items like Calendar, Email, Weather, and other apps.

For one the I’M Watch looks very good when first looked upon. No e-ink here for this display, this is a full color display and the resolution looks pretty good for the size. Navigating the interface though is a little frustrating at first, as the manual doesn’t make any mention of the gestures. It took me a few minutes; but afterwards I was able to find my way around without further issues.

IMCloud Setup for this on the surface looks very easy and straight forward. You plug it into your PC, head to imcloud.it and enter in the serial information for the watch. After doing that I started configuring the apps for this watch like Facebook, Twitter, emails, and calendar. Then you pair your phone to the Bluetooth, which looked simple enough, but then it was all down hill from there. I was successfully able make calls from the I’m Watch, but as far as anything else not so much. When I looked at the Bluetooth profiles on the watch, I was met with Bluetooth Tethering not support, which apparently is needed to do any of the cool stuff. I checked my settings on my HTC One X and enabled this option but still not go.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The watch further let me down as the apps I configured, which told me was configured successfully didn’t work on the watch. For example, Facebook, I signed in with my information and allowed the app, but when on the phone I received a Configured app missing, check imcloud. This was quite frustrating as most of the apps I wanted to try beyond making calls gave me this same message. I repeated the process with no success. I googled in hope someone else had this issue, but no luck there for help either.

At this point, the I’m Watch has a lot of promised, but I’ve been met with mostly bugs. I plan on stopping by the booth again and asking them about this, so I’ll update this post once I get some answers.