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The one thing we love to do whether it be indoors or outdoors is listen to our music and now with mobile devices, we can carry our music with us. The problem comes when we need a way to listen to our music in situations that aren’t always ideal, for instance in situations where your device could get damaged from water or other elements. That’s where the new NUU Splash comes in. The Splash is a portable Bluetooth speaker that will function with all your Bluetooth enabled devices. Not only that, its also waterproof and dust proof!

What that means is that you can keep your mobile device somewhere safe, away from damaging elements and stream your music to the Splash and not have to worry about damaging your gear. The NUU Splash features aircraft-grade aluminum construction, Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility, a rechargeable battery rated for 10 hours of play, and protection again dust and low pressure water jets.

The NUU Splash is available now for purchase and retails at an affordable $99.

Press Release

Las Vegas, January 9, 2013 – NUU, dedicated to improving the functionality of mobile devices through innovative products, invites users to enjoy music without worries with Splash, the portable waterproof wireless speaker with integrated microphone for all Bluetooth devices, including iPhones, tablets, laptops and more.

Designed to withstand everyday situations, NUU Splash is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight toughness and is IP55 certified against dust and low pressure water jets for worry-free enjoyment.  Awarded by the lnternational Electrotechnical Commission, IP ratings are the international standard to measure the degree of protection against solids and liquids.

The NUU Splash features easy to access volume and track selection controls and doubles as a speakerphone with a built-in microphone, giving users the ability to answer and hold conference calls wherever they are.  Equipped with two neodymium speaker drivers and a passive bass radiator, the Splash delivers crisp, clear and balanced sound for both music and voice.

“NUU Splash gives users the ability to enjoy everyday life without the worries associated with water and dust,” said Danny Sit, CEO of NUU.  “We designed the Splash to be tough enough for everyday use while still delivering the audio quality to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur.”

NUU Splash is Bluetooth 2.0 compatible with a rated battery life of 10 hours play or 240 hours stand by, has an auxiliary audio connector and can be charged using a micro USB plug.  Available in green, blue, gray, red and black, the NUU Splash portable waterproof wireless speaker is currently available for $99 at and

About NUU
NUU is a team of designers, engineers and visionaries dedicated to improve the functionality of the iPhone and iPad through innovative products.  NUU’s goal is to design, manufacture and deliver high quality, easy to use solutions focused on user convenience by answering iPhone and iPad users’ everyday needs.

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