PENTAX is doing something that is unheard of in their field and will offer something truly unique to their customers. If you are in the market for a new mirrorless camera, but want a camera with style, color, and a serious fashion sense, why not pick up the new PENTAX Q10? Unlike other cameras that usually only come in black, silver, and maybe white, you can customize the look of the PENTAX Q10 in over 100 different variations. If you’ve ever wanted a green and white camera, you got it. Pink and yellow? PENTAX has you covered as well. You can literally choose any color you want to match your unique style choice.

PENTAX achieves this level of customization through its unique supply chain management process and has an entire team set up for this. Whether or not it goes smoothly or not, only time will tell, but it really is a unique service they are offering and one to consider if style is part of your over all considerations.

Check out the full press release below for more information about this service as well as all the features available on the PENTAX Q10.

Press Release

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2013) CES Booth #C15113PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION (PENTAX) is now offering consumers the ability to custom order the Q10, the world’s smallest, lightest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) system,  in 100 different color combinations. This unmatched offering of color variations will enable consumers and photo enthusiasts alike to find new and limitless ways to express their individualism through photography.

Despite the complex nature that accompanies the offering of such a varied and wide ranging line of product, PENTAX will custom build each of the cameras to order per the color specifications set forth by each consumer. Once an order is placed, the specifications are sent to the PENTAX manufacturing facility where each camera will be hand built to reflect the personalized selection made by the individual who ordered it. Similar to that of a luxury good, the experience of customizing, ordering and receiving the finished product is unparalleled in the photo-imaging industry.  This level of customization will be accomplished thanks to PENTAX’s unique supply chain management process, its team of committed customer service representatives and its progressive retail partners.

“Offering the Q10 in 100 color combinations is a unique way for PENTAX to showcase its commitment to supporting photo enthusiast’s creative self- expression,” said John Carlson, Sr. Manager of Marketing, PENTAX. “Having the ability to customize your camera to match your mood, your alma mater or even your favorite sports team is an offering unequaled in the industry and we are happy to support our customers as they strive for new ways to express themselves.”

Consumers can mix and match body and grip colors by visiting the Q10 Studio at www.pentaximaging.com where they can define the perfect color combination to complement their individual style. Additionally, Adorama, a PENTAX retail partner, will display the full line up of Q10 colors in their retail location offering a seamless ordering process for each custom camera.

About the Q10

Exceptional image quality

Thanks to the incorporation of a newly designed back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with outstanding high sensitivity and low-noise characteristics, the PENTAX Q10 delivers high resolution images with approximately 12.4 effective megapixels, and a top sensitivity of ISO 6400.

Upgraded AF performance

The Q10’s upgraded AF algorithm and new high sensitivity image sensor enable faster autofocus operation even in dimly lit locations or with a telephoto lens. An AF Assist Light is provided on the camera body to optimize focusing accuracy in the dark, while the Face Recognition AF function automatically detects up to 12 faces and pinpoints the focus on a main subject.

Quick Dial for creative visual effects

By assigning the creative Smart Effect function to the easy-to-access Quick Dial positioned on the camera’s front panel, the photographer can effortlessly add the desired finishing touch to an image, while previewing the effect on the camera’s 3 inch LCD display. With four positions on the Quick Dial, the photographer can assign four of their favorite effects from the nine Smart Effect modes in advance.

Personalized images for a personalized camera

  • Custom Image function to add distinctive finishing touches.
  • Digital Filter function for artistic visual effects – a total of 19 built-in digital filters are available. Eleven filters such as Toy Camera, Invert Color and Posterization can be applied even during the shooting of still images and movie clips, while the remaining eight are applicable only during playback.
  • Smart Effect function for simple dial control of finishing touches to quickly and effortlessly add a desired finishing touch to an image, while previewing the effect on the camera’s LCD monitor. From nine Smart Effect modes, including Brilliant Color, which provides a high saturation finish, and Cross Process, with its dramatic unique-toned finish, the user can pre-select up to four favorites to the dial in advance.

High quality, Full HD movie recording of extended movie clips

The PENTAX Q10 comes equipped with a Full HD video capture function employing the H.264 recording format, allowing the user to capture high quality, extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. With a push of a button, the PENTAX Q10 even offers autofocus operation during movie shooting.

Shake Reduction (SR)

The PENTAX Q10 incorporates the PENTAX-developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, which automatically shifts the CMOS image sensor to offset camera shake detected by the camera’s motion sensor. As a result, the PENTAX Q10 produces sharp, blur-free images even under demanding conditions that are prone to camera shake, such as use with a telephoto lens or shooting in low-light without flash.

High speed continuous shooting at approximately five images per second

The PENTAX Q10’s high speed continuous shooting mode allows the photographer to capture up to five images (in JPEG recording format) in a single sequence, at a maximum speed of approximately five images per second. This mode comes in handy when trying to preserve the action of fast moving subjects in a series of images.

Built-in auto flash with pop-up mechanism

The PENTAX Q10 comes with a built-in auto flash (guide number 7 at ISO 200/m). The photographer is able to use it at the default position, or raise it to the pop-up position with simple operation to widen its discharge angle to cover a 28mm angle of view (in the 35mm format).

Pricing and Availability

The new PENTAX Q10 in 100 color combinations is available for custom order now via the Q10 Studio at www.pentaximaging.com as well as Adorama, with more retail partners to be announced soon. The Q10 will be offered with the 02 zoom lens at a suggested retail price of $599.95.

Additional information including product specifications is available here: www.pentaximaging.com/news and product images are available here: www.pentaximaging.com/press/pressfiles.html.

? Designs and specifications are subjects to change without notice.

? Q and Q10 are trademarks of PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD.


PENTAX is a leader in the production of a variety of adventure ready digital cameras including weather-resistant digital SLRs and stylish, compact, waterproof cameras, as well as lenses, flash units, binoculars, scopes, and eyepieces. For more than 90 years, PENTAX has developed durable, reliable products that meet the needs of adventurous consumers and businesses. With new headquarters in Denver, Colorado, PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION is a subsidiary of PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. effective October 1, 2011. Additional details may be found here: www.pentaximaging.com/news

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