AniosW_Black__87508.1353458778.1280.1280I’ve looked at various cases over the past few months since the iPhone 5 has been out and while most of them have been pretty great so far when it comes to protecting my phone, not many of them have that “business executive” look to them. Most are fun and stylish, but not what I would really consider something you’d like to show off if you’re at a really important board meeting. To me, “business executive” still means something elegant, classy, and most of all, made out of leather. I think it’s from my old BlackBerry days and owning the original Bold 9000 that had a rear cover wrapped in leather that makes me feel this way. Not only that, but I also used to use a leather holster and leather slip in case with it as well and always loved how professional it looked this way. Well you give your iPhone 5 this professional look now too with the use of a Mapi Case, in this case, the Ainos Wallet Flip Leather Case that also doubles as a wallet and card holder.



AinosWallet_Back_Black__77203.1351874934.1280.1280If you’re wondering, the Mapi Cases Ainos Wallet Flip case is made of genuine cowhide leather. They are of European build quality and handcrafted in Turkey. It comes in a fancy slip in box as well as a luxurious draw string pouch that you can use to store your Ainos when not in use. When you take out the Ainos case, the first thing you’ll probably do, as I do it all the time with leather goods, is smell it. You’ll find it has that real leather smell and then you’ll notice how smooth the grain is, how plush the flip portion of the case is, and how nice all the stitching is. You’ll also most likely love that the case closes securely with magnets. The Ainos features 3 pockets on the back of the case which can be used to hold 3 cards whether it be ID cards or credit cards. All the necessary openings for the ports, buttons, and switches are cut out except for the volume up and down buttons which are covered, but have been etched into the side of the case so you know where those buttons are. You can still use them through that portion of the case even though they are covered.

To install your iPhone 5 into the Ainos, just pull the little tab at the bottom of the case and slide the iPhone 5 into it. It fits into the case like a pocket and holds your device firmly in place. Tuck the tab back into the bottom the iPhone 5 and you’re all set. The flap that goes over the case is pretty plush and well padded. It should protect the screen quite nicely when placed in your pocket. Again, it is held on by magnets so it stays on quite well. The Ainos works fairly well as a case too as it should protect your iPhone from minor bumps and scratches. Not really too sure if it will survive a big drop though as I’m not one to really test out a drop with my own device. The leather does have quite a firm feel to it so it should be okay.

As a wallet, the Ainos isn’t bad either. cards fit nice and snug in the rear pockets. You could also fit cash, but I found it a bit hard to slip money out of the pockets once it was in. Cards on the other hand fit just fine.

Final Thoughts

The Mapi Cases aren’t for everyone, but those who appreciate quality leather and the look of luxury will really like the Ainos. The cowhide leather is very good quality and has a nice supple feel to it. The construction is also quite good with nice, tight stitching. The case itself can feel a bit stiff at first, but over time once you wear it in, it will begin to contour itself to the shape of your iPhone as well as your pocket. Those who use leather wallets will know what I mean.

Overall, the Mapi Cases Ainos Wallet Flip Leather case is a good choice if you want a quality leather case that will also protect your screen when the flap is used. I do recommend this case for those who don’t really check their phones too often but if you are one who does, you may find that the flab can get in the way sometimes. Regardless, it’s still a high quality case for those who appreciate style and good looks. It’s not a case I would use everyday, but it is a case I would use if I was going out somewhere where I only wanted to carry my phone, my ID, and a couple credit cards and not have to carry around a separate wallet with me. The Ainos is available in 5 different colors – black, brown, red, tan, and white. Each retail for $70.

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