This is a first for us this year at G Style. With some many gadgets and more that we have reviewed this year, we wanted to recap on the items we thought was the best this year. Ranging from tablets, to phones, to cars and video games. These items are the phones that truly stood out to us this year.

We have to start this with the Smartphone we think was the peak of coolness this year, it was a toss-up but Samsung clearly dominated this year! In the end we thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 took the shows this year. 5.5 inches in size, Jellybean on deck, Multi-tasking screens, great battery, and a great looking display to round it out. The Note 2 has been lusted and raved about since it dropped on just about every carrier!

Taking away the tablet of 2012 honors with us is the Nexus 7. The love of Android is strong with the G Style team, and although the iPad Mini was a contender, the love of the Nexus 7 was clear with us here at G Style. But who couldn’t love the Nexus 7. Great quality build, felt good in your hands, looked good, Jellybean tablet Nexus device, decent storage and all wrapped in a price starting at $199. That is smartphone prices right there!

When it comes to laptops, there wasn’t even a questions on what took home our best of 2012. While the G Style team is made up of heavy Google Android lovers, when it came to laptops, Apple came out on top. The 13 inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display was the clear winner in this category. Apple has done a great job in recent years with their products and mind-share, and the 13 inch MBP was already a great machine, throwing in Retina Display was just the icing on the cake!

Now while most times today we tend to go for our laptops before we do desktops, the rise of the All In One has taken the place of the traditional desktop. There are many on the market, with the most popular one being Apple’s iMac. But if you’re a die-hard Windows person, the best and most attractive right now has to go to Vizio. Their 27 inch AiO PC is a thing of beauty. When you combine that with a lower cost of entry and you the making of a great purchase!

Once we get out of the main gadgets everyone uses, we get a little into the gaming. From a gaming arena, the headset a person wears can make or break your gaming experience. And the one that takes the prize here is clearly Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset. This headset is amazing. The Astro Gaming brand has some excellent products in their line up, and this one that showcases the brand!

And while you using those headphones, what game should you be playing? Well Team G Style thinks that game should be Far Cry 3 this year. Available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Let’s head back to the world of head-gear again for a second, while Astro Gaming might have been the king of video gaming headsets, Monster seems to have the title for headphones this year. Team G Style deemed the Monster Inspirations headphones as the best of 2012. From the great sounds to the unique look of these headphones, the Inspirations truly stand out in a crowd!

Now with many of these products from this year, you’ll definitely look good wearing any one of them, but what is the point of looking good if no want can witness it. You’ll definitely need to take some proof of this, and this year the camera you want to do what with is the Olympus OM-D camera. This camera was picture though it had some heavy competition from Sony this year. But you wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

Now for our last two items for these years best of 2012, we’ll bring it to the car segment. We’ll definitely add more into this next year, but for these year we wanted to focus on the best of the mini cars which have been popping up all over this year. We test drove all the popular one, and at the end of the day the Fiat 500 Abarth to the crown for the best mini car of 2012. It is small, sporty, nice looking and really just the most fun to drive!

And to round out this year’s list, we wanted to highlight one car brand, that stood out the most for us. After thinking about all of the cars we drove this year, Ford takes that award away. Their line up was attractive, fun to drive, and had some great performance. When you add in the tech comforts, Ford held it down this year. From the Mustang GT to the Taurus SHO, Ford turned heads and changed more than a few minds about them here at G Style!

Here’s to 2012! And may 2013 be just as or more so great when it comes to fashionable technology!

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