I’ve have been through quite a few Ford vehicles this year, and I must say they do have a great line up. Recently you write my review on the Ford Flex, but this one is nostalgic for me as I use to be a Ford Explorer owner back in 2004-05. I owned a year 2000 model and was very curious how much it has change since then.


Finally a car is almost all Black. When I do a lot of these car views most usually come in bright “no way to blend in” colors, it is nice to have a car come in jet black. I must say as well, the Ford Explorer Sport looks great in Black! The styling of the Ford Explorer Sport is very modern and very pleasing to the eyes. The front is wide and yet smooth in its shape. The overall shape is clean. I love the rims on this one, as it accents the car very well.

On the inside the leather seats and stitching gives the interior a impressive looks. It looks comfortable and feels great. As with other Ford vehicles it has the ambient lighting with the option to change the color which is always a plus. Inside and out the Ford Explorer Sport is a clean and attractive SUV.


The one thing I like about the Ford line up, is that their tech is pretty consistent across the various models. This applies to the Ford Explorer Sport as well. The Explorer Sport had first and foremost Bluetooth connections for the phone and media streaming. So right off the bat, it is off to a good stuff. The all the comforts that should be there is present and accounted for. There is dual climate control, heated seats, power windows, and push start engine all round out the cool tech in the Explorer Sport. Since the tech is consistent with most of Ford’s vehicles, there isn’t much more I can add for this one. But I could say without a doubt, I was pleased with the tech inside!


Driving the mostly all Black Ford Explorer Sport was a joy. It still has all the features I loved about mines from back in the day, and has plenty of more comforts I didn’t have back then. The Explorer Sport had great pick up and handling. I love a car with good acceleration, and the Explorer Sport didn’t disappoint. Though it is a SUV and I expect expect a certain amount of roller coaster feel when hitting bumps and potholes in New York City, the Explorer Sport handled them pretty well. Bumps and potholes actually didn’t rattler me around too much, keep the ride smooth.

The Explorer Sport looked great, and allowed me to have the tech I needed when I needed. Add in a pleasant and smooth ride and the Explorer Sport makes for a great all around SUV. One I would be happy to own again!

Wrap Up

The Ford Explorer Sport starts off at $40,720, and for that price you get great looks, good ride, and plenty of tech and comforts. Ford is a great brand, and if you are looking for a decent SUV, you could do no wrong with the Explorer Sport.