Musubo isn’t a name you hear very often, though when it comes to highly detailed, sculpted cases, their cases are some of the best I’ve seen. Their designs are based on Tokyo street fashion with an attention to detail that is beyond what most companies achieve. I took a look at one of their cases before for the iPhone 4/4S – The Eden, and thought it was a really great case that not only looked good, but offered very good protection. Their iPhone 5 cases are no different, and this time, I’ll be checking out their Musubo Retro case which is modeled to look like an old school microphone.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Musubo Retro is how much detail has gone into this case. This isn’t a regular case that you see everyday. The Retro has depth and texture and really makes the iPhone 5 look like something other than a mobile phone. It really is a great looking case. Now, with a lot of cases that look good, you may think that that it is probably not very good at protecting the iPhone 5. You’d be wrong in this case. The Retro features 2 layers of protection. First is an inner layer of silicone that tightly hugs the iPhone 5. It wraps all the way around the phone and ever wraps around the front edge over the screen. That means the screen will be protected from slight drops on its edge and can even be placed face down without the screen ever touching the surface it’s being laid down on. The second layer of protection comes from a very hard and thick polycarbonate shell. This isn’t a thin shell. This is a solid piece of plastic that is very rigid and very strong. Again, this covers pretty much the entire phone minus the screen. For the screen, Musubo includes a free screen protector with each purchase.

The Retro isn’t what I’d call the thinnest case out there, far from it, but it tapers in at the edges which makes it feel a lot thinner than it really is. It makes the rear of the iPhone 5 curved similar to how the design of the old iPhone 3gs was. It makes for a solid hand grip and makes the overall case feel very comfortable to hold and use.


  • Compatible with iPhone 5
  • Double-layers:
    • Exterior made by Strong Polycarbonate** Material
    • Interior made by Ultra-durable Silicon
  • Package includes:
    • Screen Protectors / Micro Fiber Fabric
    • Foldable Video Stand

Again, I’ll say that Musubo cases are almost like works of art. These aren’t your average cases that you see all the time. These are full on, sculpted cases that will get you noticed because of how good they look. Not only that, but these cases aren’t just all show either. These are fully functional cases that will guarantee total protection, especially with its double layers of protection. Make no mistake about it, the Musubo Retro has both style and function down to an art form.


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