Lincoln is looking to rejuvenate themselves, and the first car from the brand to bring this new look about is the MKZ. For 2013 Lincoln has taken an MKZ which was already an attractive car and transformed it for the future. Since this car hasn’t started selling in dealerships yet, there was a limited supply. Normally we go a week for a review, but for this one we went 24 hours with it. Expect a more full review later in 2013. For now this is what impressed us in a 24 hours period!

The Style of this car can be summed up in one word, art! From the re-imagined split front grille to the design lines that grows larger from the front to the back along the sign of the car, to the beautiful back of this vehicle which spells out what it is for you. This is a well made vehicle!

Once you stop staring at the outside of this car which just within the 24 hour period I had it has gotten 15 double takes, 2 conversation started about it, and 3 current MKZ owners jealous, you get to the inside. The inside is quiet, warm, and the ambient lighting always makes for a great touch! The Tech inside the MKZ is without a doubt some of the coolest I’ve seen this year. Goodbye gear shift, we don’t need you! Now your switch gears using a button on the center dashboard. Goodbye buttons to turn on the reading light, now we just swipe or lightly touch the ceiling fabric above us. Goodbye doorknob that manually unlock/lock a car we don’t need them, now we have cool little indicator lights that let us know if the doors are locked or not. This car has so much more, but we’ll let you think about it until later this year for a full review.

And I haven’t even gotten to the all glass sunroof that looks awesome when it retracts. Lincoln is definitely on to something with this one and this is just the start. Future models of their car line will be going under this transformation as well, so I can even begin to imagine what is coming next. I for one am very excited, and glad to see the Lincoln brand make this move! Pricing starts at $35,925.