Seriously, is there anything the iPhone can’t do with apps and add-on accessories? Most of you probably think that all the iPhone is good for is placing calls, posting photos to social networks, and playing the occasional game. You probably did not know that it can now also monitor cardiorespiratory health and stress levels. Well you can thanks to Zensorium’s new Tinké device.

The Tinké is a small device that attached to your iPhone’s 30-pin connector or with the 30-pin adapter for the iPhone 5. Tinké uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes at your fingertips and quantifies not only cardiorespiratory health but also stress levels into indexes.

For those who are constantly monitoring their health, this might be something cool to check out that is not only small, but very convenient to use.

Press Release

SINGAPORE – December 4, 2012 – Zensorium, creators of mobile health and wellness monitoring devices, officially announces the availability of Tinké, a device used to monitor cardiorespiratory health and stress levels.  

“Monitoring cardiorespiratory health  and stress levels are an important yet neglected aspect of understanding one’s health and wellness progression which is in line with the Quantified Self movement” said Juliana Chua, Principal of Zensorium’s Business Innovation Group. “Tinké’s compact, innovative and unique design with no?fuss portability means that it can be used anytime, anywhere.”

Defined as the ability of your heart, lungs and organs to consume, transport and utilize oxygen, cardiorespiratory health should be tracked and monitored to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tinké uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes at your fingertips and quantifies not only cardiorespiratory health but also stress levels into indexes.  Both indexes trend alongside one another for daily and monthly monitoring and enable users to easily understand their health progression from their mobile devices: 
  • Vita Index:  A personalized cardiorespiratory score that is created by piecing data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate
  • Zen Index: Using heart rate variability as a basis, a personalized score for your stress levels is determined from analyzing the rhythm of your heart rate 
Tinké’s social component allows users to share their results on Facebook, add friends and family to the Tinké network as well as compare scores with other global Tinké users. The Tinké App is available for free on the iTunes App Store and is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

Easy to use, Tinké plugs into your iOS device and instantly springs to life once plugged in via the 30-pin connector. For users of the new iPhone 5, iPad Retina and Mini, as well as iPod 5th generation, Tinké can be used with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adaptor. 

Tinké is available in grey, blue, pink, and white for the price of $119.00 at To see Tinké in action watch the demonstrational video here, or for more information, visit

About Zensorium

Zensorium is a product-based firm that aims to deliver easy-to-use sensing products and solutions. With a background in optics, biochemistry, computing and electronics, Zensorium integrates business strategies with scientific concepts to introduce products for the commercial market. Zensorium is committed to empowering individuals in elevating their quality of life through a breed of innovative sensing devices. Tinké, Zensorium’s flagship product, is a sensory device for iOS that monitors your health and wellness with the touch of a finger. For more information, visit

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