I had the chance to spend a couple of months with Lenovo’s IdeaTab S2110A as my sole alternative to my MacBook. My first experience with a convertible so I was pretty amped – without further delay let’s politic….


The first thing that comes to mind at first glance of the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A, is convenience and portability. Historically, Lenovo is considered to geared more towards the more “professional” user and a little vanilla. Granted, it’s not flashy but it has a sturdy feel and slightly textured back – maybe a little heavier than other tablets currently on the market but not overbearing. The dock is optional and an $80 addition – which might seem steep in comparison to other Android tabs on the market considering the tablet alone is $400+. The keyboard is a must have addition of you’re planning on doing any typing. It does give the tab a netbook look minus the netbook weight. I personally think on the 10.1 tablet side of things, Lenovo never lacks and continues with its creative style.


As I mentioned before attaching the keyboard to the tab to convert into laptop/netbook it doesn’t compromise the weight of the device. The keyboard keys are very responsive and fingertip friendly. This detachable powered Android is equipped with a Waffle Cone lol and Ice Cream 4.0 although its somewhat of a let down that it wasn’t loaded with Jelly Bean. But the Lenovo flow “For Those Who Do” continues with being solid and on-point with the functionality that you always come to expect whenever using a Lenovo product.

The tablet is very easy to attach and detach from the keyboard it only takes the press of a button and the graphics are of visual pleasantry with a Glossy Multi-touch screen with integrated camera 1280 x 800. Even in a regularly lit room the tablet’s resolution is beautiful comparable to when using in a totally dark room. There are two USB slots located on the left side of the keypad and a HDMI slot on the tablet itself that would require a HDMI adapter. The IdeaTab S2110A is also HD compatible and please don’t confuse this with a notebook that changes into a tablet because its far from that, not even close lol. Overall this is a great change of pace for the Professional or even Cool Geek at Web price: $579.00 and After eCoupon:
$499.00, You save: $80.00 on www.shop.lenovo.com. (so in essence the keyboard would be free).

Final Thoughts

In my experience with Lenovo it’s worth the extra few dollars, because I know I am paying for a quality device that will last for years to come. While it has the basic staples of some of the cheaper alternatives out there like decent battery life (using 2 Cell Li-Polymer), the incomparable Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060A Processor ( 1.50GHz GHz 1MB), bluetooth compatibility and dual cameras – I can appreciate the full size SD card slot and the optional keyboard definitely helped me accomplish alot more. This is truly and example of you get what you pay for – and Lenovo always delivers that little bit more. Check out the Lenovo site to purchase and for more info.