One of my favorite things to do on my iPad is to use it as a sketch book. It was one of a handful of reasons why I got the iPad and still one of the main things I use it for. Now, I know they iPad is suppose to be used entirely by touch, but when it comes to drawing app and painting apps, you really must use a stylus. It’s the only way to naturally sketch on a tablet. It just doesn’t feel right using your fingers and from experience, a stylus just works so much better. For the most part I was content with just using a regular stylus for all my sketching needs, but then I was sent the new Sensu Brush and Stylus. I’ll never go back to a plain old stylus again.

If you’ve never seen the Sensu Brush and Stylus before, you’re missing out on one really slick combo stylus. When you first get the Sensu, it just looks like an ordinary metal stylus with a rubber tip on the end. The tip isn’t as squishy as some of the other styluses I’ve used but still has a nice soft feel to it. The body of the stylus again is made from metal which helps with the conductivity. Now, the real magic occurs when you figure out that the body is really a cap that you can pull off revealing a brush. The cap can then be placed on the other side where the rubber nub and form a long paint brush. This is what makes the Sensu so special. I believe it’s the only brush stylus on the market right now that can simulate the feel of using a real brush on your tablet thanks to some patent-pending hair technology.

For my tests, I used both Procreate and Zen Brush seeing as those two apps simulate brush strokes on the iPad. I’ve used both these apps periodically in the past using rubber tipped styluses. It works, but you never get that real brush feel to it. It just feels like you’re using a crayon that happens to simulate brush strokes in the app. With the Sensu Brush and Stylus, not only do you get the rubber nub for use with drawing tools like the pencil, pen, or marker, you also get the brush end for watercolors, ink brush, and oils. If you’ve ever done some real painting, the Sensu Brush and Stylus really does simulate the feel of a real brush when used in conjunction with a painting app.

Of course you can also use the Sensu Brush and Stylus for other uses besides painting apps. You can use the brush end for navigating as well as writing notes in note taking apps, however I would suggest using the rubber nub end portion for this instead so that the brush tip doesn’t get warn down prematurely. In terms of quality however, the Sensu Brush is top notch. I really like the metal construction on this thing and it feels very comfortable to use in both modes. It’s also very compact when the brush is hidden. It’s a very slick looking brush and stylus and one that I highly recommend for those who use their tablets as digital sketchbooks.

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