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Ford Flex Limited - Front Grill - G Style Magazine
As first glance, I probably wouldn’t go for a car like the Ford Flex. Not to say it isn’t attractive looking, but just not my usual cup of tea. But under the suggestion of one of the drivers who usually drop the car off to me, I decided to take a look. The look into was surprising, so let’s see what I thought.


Ford Flex Limited - exterior side view doors - G Style Magazine Again I won’t pretend to really be wowed with the look of the Ford Flex. What I will say is that it is a nice car, not great, not sexy but nice. On the outside the long and narrow feel to the shape of the car isn’t as appealing to me as most other vehicles. On the outside, the Flex reminds me of a beach cruiser, which isn’t bad but not something I would want as my primary car.

On the inside though is where the Ford Flex shines! The inside is great with plenty of room, nice accents throughout the car, and comfortable seating. One particular features I have really enjoyed in Ford cars is there ambient lighting. The ambient lighting gives a nice look throughout the car and the fact that you can change the color of the light is definitely a plus. You could change it depending on your mood, or just the preference of color. Mines is always royal blue which looks almost in the Ford Flex! Also is the way the seats look and feel. From the first two seats you don’t get this effect as much, but if you are in the 2nd and 3rd row I swear it feels like a home theater back there. You know the type, the person who has a basement converted into a theater with the plush reclining seats and extras. This is how I felt when I sat back there, all that was need was a screen to come down and we’d be in business.


Ford Flex Limited - interior - dashboard - steering wheel - G Style Magazine The tech inside is pretty consistent with what I’ve seen in most Ford cars. There is CD/DVD/Navigation on board, there was Bluetooth connections for phone and streaming music, and when it comes to comfort & climate there was dual climate control. Beyond those, there was also power windows, although not one touch up/down for the back windows. I still have to press and hold for that, which is another things I feel should be standard on all cars at this point. There was also a power sun roof, but not power for the 3 other sun roof locations in the 2nd and 3rd row. Not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice.

The sound system was good, not totally awesome but good enough. Though if you really want to crank the music for it to feel loud, you will almost be reaching the end of the volume level you can go. I spent most of my time with the music almost all the way up, and it didn’t feel loud and powerful to me. But fortunately it was of good enough volume where I could listen with comfort.


Ford Flex Limited - interior - seating - G Style Magazine The drive with the Ford Flex was a pleasant one. It has good acceleration, and in general the ride was smooth. If you live in a place like New York City you are bound for some bumps when it comes to potholes, but the roller coaster feel wasn’t that bad since the car was lower to the ground than most SUV or crossovers.

Again if you happen to be seating in the 2nd or 3rd row, the ride transforms to a nice and comfortable seating experience that just begs to have a movie playing in there. This might be a job for the Pimp My Ride series, as I think they should have a roll down screen and a mini projector for some car theater.

Wrap Up

The Ford Flex we had came in at $51,880.00 as configured. At that price point it would be tough for me to purchase this one. But it really boils down to your style. This one just doesn’t fit in with my style of cars, but it may for yours. 51,000+ is still a little high, but for the comfort you experience on the inside it may be well worth it. Okay looks and home theater like comfort on the inside, the Ford Flex is definitely a nice all around crossover SUV.

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