I’ve been a huge fan of the whole Mimoco MIMOBOT line ever since they came out with their Star Wars licensed USB flash drives. I had never really heard of them before that but ever since then, I’ve been a fan of their designs. That was several years ago already and over the years, they’ve added more and more officially licensed products. One of their newest collaborations is with Pretty Ugly, makers of the popular Uglydoll series of vinyl dolls and plushies. I’ll be taking at one of the designs featured in this series which is Ox, but most of this review will be good for basically all of the MIMOBOT lines regardless of design.

The UglyDoll Ox MIMOBOT I got was a 8gb sized flash drive. For the most part, there really isn’t anything too special about the actual flash drive itself. It’s a standard USB flash drive like any other that plugs right into the USB port of your computer. However, what makes them special are their unique designs. Mimoco makes each MIMOBOT resemble characters that they are licensed for. In this case, MIMOBOT Ox looks exactly like he would look as a plushie UglyDoll. You can pull off the top of his head to review the USB connector. Plug it in and you’ll notice a green glow coming from its bottom. UPon further examination, the light is coming from a little LED embedded in its behind.


As with all MIMOBOTs, this one also includes bonus content installed on the drive.  In this case, it’s a 23mb zip file that contains avatars, icons, and wallpapers. The avatars can be used for your social networks and chat apps, the icons are used to replace icons for your computer, and the wallpapers can be used to change your desktop background. These are just the bonuses included with the UglyDoll series but some of the other licensed flash drives also include videos. You can delete the included bonuses if you’d like in order to free up some space on the drive, but it’s only 23mb.

Overall, I really like the quality and designs of the UglyDoll MIMOBOT. The head/cap snaps on securely with a very firm click and doesn’t seem like it would fall off that easily. They are a tad bit larger then some other more boring standard USB flash drives, but it makes up for the size with dashing good looks and unique designs. In a sea of boring, you’ll be able to spot your MIMOBOT easily.

Although the MIMOBOT line of USB Flash drives may not come cheap, 8gb starts at $19.99, you’ll be paying for something that will definitely get you noticed by both friends and strangers alike. The entire MIMOBOT line is available from the Mimoco website here, though I have seen them before at retailers like Toys R Us on occasion.

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