I have had the iPhone 5 since launch and already, I have gone through more than a handful of cases. This isn’t because I didn’t like any of the cases but because there were so many cases available shortly after launch. I only had to wait about a week before the influx of cases started rolling in and as you can tell from previous posts, The Joy Factory was one of the first to offer such a huge lineup of cases right off the bat. Pretty much each case I’ve seen from them has been something different and unique and the following case here is no exception. This case is called the Airmax and it has a very unique look and feel to it.

The Airmax comes in 3 different colored camouflage designs. The one the Joy Factory sent to me was the more common green camo one, but you can also buy it in either a blue camo or a brown camo. The Airmax is a bit similar to the Joy Factory Jamboree case in that it has characteristics of a regular bumper case, but adds rear protection. In this case, the rear is made up of what they call “Diamond Air Cushion” technology. Basically, the flexible rear panel is made in such a way that it feels like the back is being protected by a cushion of air. It’s a very interesting design that is very unique looking and very functional. In addition to this, the protective bumper is made of a flexible plastic that fits snug around the iPhone 5. All the necessary openings are there with the volume buttons covered up as well as the sleep/wake button.

I really like the look and design of this case. It’s very flexible so if dropped, it won’t crack. It offers quite a bit of cushioning from drops and the fitment of the case is very good. The case itself doesn’t look quite right on a white iPhone, but on a black one, it looks really good in combination with the camouflage print and color schemes.

Like with all the recent Joy Factory cases, the Airmax includes a front screen protector as well as a complimentary BubbleShield for protection against water and dirt. You can pick up the Airmax for $34.95 at the Joy Factory website here. You can also use the handy links below.


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