If you just bought yourself a shiny new iPad mini, you’re probably out looking for a case right now for it. I know we don’t like to put cases on our gadgets because it covers up the beauty of the original design, but when it comes to protecting our gadgets, you need one. With tablets especially, these things in my opinion are more damage prone then mobile phones so I always recommend picking up at least some type of protection for it. The good news for new iPad mini owners is that cases for them are already available from a lot of the accessory makers out there. For instance, Boxwave now has a full assortment of cases and accessories available for the iPad mini.

If you check out their site here, they have cases, iPad stands, screen protectors, and an assortment of different styluses. My favorite case of the bunch is probably the Convertible Stand iPad mini Case because of the hard protective rear shell and built in “smart” cover. I’ve dropped an iPad before and the aluminum back can be easily dented so I always suggest something that gives good rear protection.

I also like the fact that the Boxwave stuff isn’t too expensive and actually very affordable. Most of their cases are under $30 which is helpful considering that you jsut shelled out at least $350 for a new iPad mini. Again, check out their site here for a full assortment of iPad mini cases and accessories.

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