It seems now a days everybody and their momma has an headphone line. First Dre, then 50 Cent, now Ludacris. I’ll be honest I’m a fan of Ludacris, but would I become a fan of his headphones as well? I took a look at his SL150 model, which is his Pro Hi-Definition On-Ear Headphones. So lets just jump right in.


The ones I reviewed came in a nice glossy Blue color that look great. It is like a bright metallic glossy Blue, not truly Royal Blue which is my favorite color, but a nice looking Blue anyway. So with that being the case, the headphones already caught my eye. This was the exterior color, while the interior color of the headband had a nice white pattern diamond design. On the ear-cups, were the Soul logo in silver.

Like it seems to be the trend now a days is, the headphones where big, but not too gigantic. They will stand out though, depending on what color choice. The good things about these, is no one will confuse these to be a pair of Beats by Dre headphones, since they do have its own distinctive look.


The Soul SL150 offers what many headphones in the category seem to offer now a days, which isn’t a bad thing. The SL150 has nice bass, good mids, and clear highs. So while I can’t add much to why the SL150 is different from others in terms of sounds, I can say that the SL150 headphones do have great sounds in its own right.

The SL150 when on does a good job of blocking out outside noise, so when listening to your music it is just you and your music. Be careful though so you still have a hold on your surroundings.


The SL150 are a joy to use. While they are big in size, they aren’t too big and in turn are quite comfortable. They fit around my neck without pressing too much on my neck as well. This helps in times where I might not want to lug around the carrying case for it. When on your ears, the cushion is soft and cofy so you can listen for hours on end without any discomfort. Clocking in at $199.95, the price won’t add discomfort to your wallet either.

With its own distinctive look, good sound, and comfortable material, the SL150 would be a good buy for anyone who wants to avoid be yet another person with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. So if you don’t like to be one of a million, and want to stand out with your on uniqueness, you would do just fine with the Soul SL150s by Ludacris!

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